How personal branding gives you a better life

Amran Hardan
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2 min readNov 25, 2019


Do you know what you want in life? If you don’t see what you like the most, defining clear goals and work on it every day is an excellent first step. But how can personal branding improve your life? Here are three reasons why.


To create your personal brand, it’s essential to define your purpose. Your purpose is the reason why your brand exists. It can give you more confidence about what you stand for and want in life as a person. For example, by taking the position, I want to be the best choice for every logo design project.


A personal brand can develop a strong network that can help you grow in your business or job. Your network helps your personal development because you get surrounded by like-minded individuals. For example, you get surrounded by the best logo designers and clients that like to work with you. Being surrounded by such individuals gives you a strong feeling of being part of something.


A powerful brand gives you more value, and people take you seriously because of it. They are willing to get in touch with you faster because of your great work and consistent presence. For example, you can ask a higher price because you know your clients understand the quality and respect your work. It gives you a feeling that you are appreciated.

Personal branding can give you more confidence. The network you create gives the feeling of being part of something. To compliment your added values, you can charge your clients a higher price.

How will you improve your personal brand?

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