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Top 10 logo redesigns of 2019

ome of the biggest brands in the world have changed their logo in 2019. Facebook, Zara, Volkswagen, Android, IKEA… With a variety of big and small logo changes, it’s time to take a look back. Here’s the top ten logo designs that were made in 2019.


You might use Slack throughout the day to communicate with your coworkers or clients. Slack is a smart alternative to email. The old logo was extremely easy to get wrong. Check out the new and more cohesive visual identity below.

“It uses a simpler color palette and, we believe, is more refined, but still contains the spirit of the original. It’s an evolution, and one that can scale easily, and work better, in many more places.”


In its 45-year history, this is the second time Zara has changed its logo. All the letters are now overlapping and a curve has been added to the bottom of the Z and the R.


Toyota is a Japanese automotive manufacturer, established in 1937. Earlier in 2019 Toyota introduced a refreshed identity.

“The Toyota brand represents our tenets of quality, reliability and durability. It also stands as a symbol to inspire people around the world to go to the places and do the things they’ve always dreamed of.”


At the 2019 IAA motor show in Frankfurt, Volkswagen revealed its new logo.

“The new brand design marks the start of the new era for Volkswagen.” — Jürgen Stackmann (Member of the Brand Board of Management)


Desigual is the first brand to adopt a wholly backward-facing logo.

“We wanted to revive the essence of the brand. The reason why we flipped the ‘S’ was because it stood for embracing difference and making a statement, so we’re going to do this to all the letters and be the first brand ever to flip its logo 100 percent backward.” — Guillem Gallego (Chief Marketing Officer)


If Firefox is your favorite browser to surf the web, then you might have noticed the new logo. It’s part of a total new visual identity system of the Firefox family.


Google gave one of the most used mobile operating systems a redesign in 2019.

“The design of the logo draws inspiration from the most recognizable non-human member of the community, the Android robot. We also changed the logo from green to black. It’s a small change, but we found the green was hard to read, especially for people with visual impairments.”


Yahoo launched its new logo hinting at bigger, more important changes in the works.

“As with the original logo, the new identity captures the voice of a brand named after an exclamation of joy and discovery, and still looks like it should be shouted or yodeled — ‘yahoOOOOoooo!’”


Although just a subtle update, Swedish furniture giant IKEA shouldn’t be forgotten in this list. It is the first redesign since 1983.

“We have updated the IKEA logo to future proof it in a digital world. It is a small change that is more of a refinement to secure it is easy to recognise, at all times.”


Facebook started as a social networking app 15 years ago. Now it’s offering a suite of products that help people connect to their friends and family, find communities and grow businesses. Time to be more clear about the products that come from Facebook with a brand new logo.

“The new branding was designed for clarity, and uses custom typography and capitalization to create visual distinction between the company and app.”

Which is your favorite logo redesign?

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