Rapid City Dyslexia Care Launches Team Mascot, Resolute


Resolute (Res-o-lute) is the team mascot created to represent the dyslexia community. The concept was launched by dylexia educator and industry expert, Karin Merkle who operates Rapid City Dyslexia Care in Rapid City, SD.

The name Resolute was selected for its definition of perserverance.

Resolute: firmly resolved or determined; set in purpose. Characterized by firmness and determination.

Other describing characteristics of the word resolute are: Adamant, bold, courageous, decided, dogged, faithful, firm, intrepid, meaning business, persevering, persistent, purposeful, relentless, staunch, steadfast, strong, stubborn, tenacious, true, and undaunted.

When asked why a team mascot for dyslexia, Karin Merkle explains, “While teaching in the public schools for twenty years, I got to be part of many teams. I’ve been a Black Hawk Cougar, an Oak Hill Owl, and an Edmondson Stallion to name a few… Mascots give the feeling of being part of a team. A strong team. A winning team. Something to be proud of. Something to cheer for. It helps encourage those with dyslexia to hang in there with determination and purpose, knowing that there is a huge crowd cheering you on.”

When looking at the team t-shirts, you’ll notice the word “dyslexia” is missing.

“Our reasoning for not including dyslexia on the shirts is that not everyone on the team has dyslexia. This team shirt is meant to be for everyone in the dyslexia community,” explains Karin. “It is for people with dyslexia and family members, professionals, teachers, tutors, and anyone whose resoluteness relates to dyslexia in any way.”

Fabiana Meredith is the co-founder of QiCommunity.com, a holding company founded to inspire people to live full, complete lives.