Who’s helping our kids?

As an educator myself, I have served students in my classroom that were diagnosed as Dyslexic. During those years, I was told what accommodations the student was to be provided and my hands were tied as to what I was allowed to speak to parents as to adhere to protocols and laws within Texas. The difference between what I know now and what I knew then is that whether you are a teacher or parent you MUST advocate for children within your grasp. With the passing of Texas HB 1886, the implication within our classrooms will grow to have a ripple effect over the next several years.

As teachers, the children you teach are like your own. You are not in this profession for the money. Let’s be real…many of us hold other jobs or struggle to live paycheck to paycheck each month. However, the reality is your hands are tied on many levels. You need to adapt a growth mindset and seek out the tools and strategies that will benefit these students. Know the laws and expectations of educator so that you can be an advocate as well.

As a parent, you must take the approach of my husband, you can’t rely on the school system to scaffold for your child to build and grow the foundation he/she needs to be successful. I tell him that, yes, this is true, but why should it be the norm?!? Our children are at school most of the day and that is where the difference or shift will occur. The reality is that you are the only person your child has in their corner. You have to let the fire that has been ignited inside of you grow and feed that passion to stand for your child. I know this from personal experience. I do not stand silently and helpless by as my child struggles with tears and frustration. As we grow through this journey together, I will advocate for her and along the way teach her how to begin to speak up for herself. With urgency you need to educate yourself on the laws whether it be state or federal. You know your child best and a “wait and hope” approach is faulty.

This following is a beneficial resource to begin with: https://www.region10.org/r10website/assets/File/Dyslexia%202014%20Englishwtabs%208%2014%202014(1).pdf.

I know it may be overwhelming and I’ve been there myself. Over the last several months, I have worked through phone, text, and email with parents across the United States in navigating the school bureaucracy that exists in helping out students reach their full potential.

If you are in need, please feel free to reach out for support or with questions because I’ve learned that we are all in this together. I have become an advocate for my own child and want to help you become an advocate for yours. I want to be an advocate for your child because he/she is no different than my own. Knowledge is power!