Dysrupts — Keeping the net neutral

Dysrupts makes sure everyone can connect with no barriers or limitations

When I first found Dysrupts, I was instantly on board with the idea of creating a mobile network that anyone can join, no barriers or limitations. I’ve lived in a few different countries and have seen firsthand the influence and growth potential that can come to a community when they get access to the internet and in turn the rest of the world.

This mission to make sure everyone can connect is what drives me and the rest of the team at Dysrupts. We want to make sure that people who may not have the same privileges to infrastructure or abundant data/free wifi can still connect to their friends, family, and the content we all enjoy.

Lately though, as I am currently in the US, I have been thinking that there could be another reason Dysrupts can be useful - Net Neutrality.

No one really knows what will happen in the US with the upcoming decision on net neutrality. A lack of government regulation can have unanticipated market consequences and there are a lot of unknowns on how people will continue to access the internet in this scenario. I have personally experienced the pain that comes from a throttled connection to internet content. If this turns into reality then many of us in the US will probably not have equal access to the internet, especially those in the lower income bracket.

So now I’m reflecting on the role Dysrupts can play in counteracting the potential hurdles that deregulation can put on internet access.

We at Dysrupts can continue development to make sure everyone in the US has equal and continual access to each other and the internet content that is important to them. In line with our roadmap, we are planning to release a mobile messaging app that connects people without the need of a direct internet connection. The future of our roadmap is to build upon this decentralized mobile network and allow people to store and share content, connect not only to each other but also content providers, and eventually have the same mobile internet experience that they have today without the hassle of throttled bandwidth or paying a high price.

Original discussions for Dysrupts in the US focused around connecting people in rural/outdoor settings or at times when network is unreliable (large venues). Now we have another reason that doesn’t just help people in low infrastructure areas, but also my friends and neighbors in my own city, state, and country.

We are building the future of what it means to connect to the internet. Thinking about this motivates me even more to grow with Dysrupts!

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