Team talk with a engineering wizard!

Shivang was one of the first to join Dysrupts and has played a huge role in getting the technical side up and running. Juggling everything from creating mockups to setting up the Dysrupts testing environment, he is helping out wherever he can! A self-described Android-enthusiast, Shivang is making sure our platform is top notch! I had the chance to hear from Shivang on his own background and motivation for joining Dysrupts, so check it out!

Hi there? Can you give me some background about yourself?

Hi! My name is Shivang Trivedi. I am a Computer Science Graduate from University at Buffalo and a Software Developer at Dysrupts. My interest and work lies around designs and implementation of the core architecture of Dysrupts. I believe in work-life balance to help evolve a soul.

Why were you attracted to Dysrupts and the team? Was it a technical thing, social thing, or you just think the people are cool?

One of the main reasons to join Dysrupts is the mission. Dysrupts is building what will be called the next “Offline Internet”! Now this is debatable, but being part of the team I am confident that it is going to happen because of the team members. Amazing people with tech minds collaborating to challenge the course of decentralized networks is future.

What is the one most interesting thing you’ve learned so far while being with Dysrupts?

I am on an exponential learning curve at Dysrupts. The one thing which I learned is to accept challenges and identify plausible solutions which will be thought of as a long term idea. Things do not come easy, we have to build them and that is what makes a solution a resource.

Where do you see the future of the internet and communication going? How does Dysrupts fit into that?

I see more people connected with more bandwidth over each communication channel creating a strong, connected globe. As the devices increase, demand for internet increases, requiring more connections and resulting in more infrastructure having more cost. Now consider a scenario with the same conditions but with less infrastructure and cost. This is where Dysrupts fits in. It provides a decentralized meshed network for data extending to the internet. And the best thing is the more Dysrupts users, the stronger the connection.

What do you think are the best skills needed for a technical person like you at Dysrupts?

One should believe in the idea and bring inputs to the table. This is the most important aspect for an asset of Dysrupts. I believe a fast learner is good to pick up tech, but true dedication is in the ideas and solutions which weight a person’s growth.

What do you like to do other than make Dysrupts awesome?

I am an Android enthusiast which make me do experiments on new APIs to build some amazingly weird apps. I travel and take photos. I am a food enthusiast and spend a lot of my leisure time to explore local restaurants.

Is there a book you recommend everyone to read?

“’if you ever get a second chance for something, you’ve got to go all the way” — Lance Armstrong

Every Second Counts, an autobiography by Lance Armstrong. A powerful book of his life experiences about his cycling history and battle with cancer. It gives a strong insight on how failures are temporary and getting up to succeed is what life is worth living for. Motivation is the striking element one needs to have for scoring in life.

What is the coolest tech-related thing you are currently looking into?

Google Assistant is the coolest and one of the most advanced tech updates I am intrigued by. It combines Machine Learning and Deep Learning with the enormous data Google is collecting to make it much smarter. I think we are not far from having a personal AI assistant which will be a part of our family.

Thanks Shivang!

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