What do you want to know?

The first creation from Dysrupts, Atom, was released earlier this year in January, and we definitely learned a lot from it. Atom is a peer-to-peer messaging app, allowing people to send messages from one device to another without being connected by a mobile services provider (so without an active data plan or connection to wifi).

We released it with a simple interface and overall basic features. It was really an experiment to see if our tech skills are up to par to tackle our long term goal, connecting people to the internet without any middle man (internet service providers). Hundreds of downloads and continued app usage allowed us to confirm our own skills and learn what people appreciate in the app.

Another important metric that we wanted to gauge from this launch was the overall interest people had in ditching their internet service providers. This, I think, is the best feedback we got. Thousands of people have visited our website, joined our Facebook community, and spread the word about Dysrupts just because of our goal. Coming from all different parts of the world, these people all have a common desire to access information without any barriers. We want to make this possible.

Now we are working on the next stage of development. How to connect people to what they want. As part of this, we really want to hear from our community to understand what is important to them. To help guide the direction of development, we want to know what is something that you would want to know even if you didn’t have an internet connection to your mobile device. Would it be movie show times, weather for the day, nearby sales, bus schedules? We want to know what are the things that people are most interested in.

So let us know, either on our Facebook page or by filling out this survey!

Be sure to check for updates on the website — www.dysrupts.com

We appreciate it!