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Toby Egbuna
Mar 10 · 2 min read
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Are you a minority with a story to tell about your workplace experience? — Hint: the answer is yes.

We invite you to submit an article to be featured on our page! Dyversifi is a community of diverse people helping each other advance in the workplace. We’re positive that you have experience and expertise that can help other minorities in their own journeys. If you’re interested in submitting an article, please read the guidelines and instructions below.

House rules:

  • Keep it clean — similar to our guidelines for submitting a story on Dyversifi, refrain from mentioning specific names in your article unless it is totally necessary. Don’t call out your co-worker or team member by name.
  • Do your research — if your article is research-based (mental health, women’s history, etc.) rather than opinion-based (why I think ______ should do ______) then be sure to back your piece with your research. Same rules as grade school: no plagiarism. Make sure to cite your sources as much as you can.
  • Limit self-promotion — we get it, people want something to build credibility. That’s not a problem! But, if your article is more about the product you’re selling or service you’re offering than it is about the actual topic, we won’t post it.
  • Have some substance — your article needs to be at least 750 words, or a 3–4 minute read. If you want to make it longer, please do!

How to submit:

1. Email us at team@dyversifi.com with your article topic and a brief (no more than 100 words) description.

2. Look out for a response from us with feedback about your topic and a note of approval and next steps.

Questions? Email us.


The career review platform for minorities.

Toby Egbuna

Written by

Co-Founder of Dyversifi. UNC fan. Aux cord manager. Ed Sheeran stan.



The career review platform for minorities. We help you defog the glass ceiling before you break through it. Submit your story on www.dyversifi.com.

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