How Building Drones Made Me A Better Engineer!

Drones : Quadricopter

With emotions attached to the dream, where we wish to be acknowledged as an engineer in future, makes our focus more powerful enough to make us a better engineer in this competitive world, empowered by many developers, engineers and precisely the tech -giants. If you’re a engineer, I strongly recommend that you find yourself a hobby that you like as it’ll help you improve your engineering skills as well.

The world today we are living in always strives in making the optimum daily life automated and strives to give a simplified life to our daily physical actions. Well drones fly! Just as we wish our happiness should just after accomplishing our own target. Well we can’t always let any aeroplane or a jet to fly in to any highly dense populated area or other physical entities. Both the economical norms and the physical structure of the surrounding won’t permit the facility of simplified actions!

Well here is what the boon ‘Drone’ comes into action! It’s small in size, can give you visual as well as audio facilities as modified, rolls in the financial limits. But the best part of the drones are, it gives us the output far more than the input we give in! It’s one of the best arcade to start learning and make ourselves better and distinguished from the rest of the engineering crowd that today our planet holds in!

“Even a professional once started as an amateur from the start!”

How does it look!

It’s important to know what we are building.

Racing drones are classified on the basis of the size of props they are designed for. Based on what size racing quad you want to build, your research will help decide on all the parts that you’ll need to build a racing drone.

completed design

Researching and finding the parts you would require.

This will make you invest some time and make you go through blogs and technical articles which would rather makes the search easier the next project you head on after drones😊

Time to bind and build!

This part of your technical workout experience values the most and takes the most of the time! You will actually learn many own things of science and technology as you explore deep in. Well youtube is the most user friendly arena you to assure with better teachings and techniques, demonstrating in the best way in process like soldering and powering up your drone!

Dhruv says — “How building drones made him a better engineer !”

Dhruv is a final year Electronics and Telecommunication engineering student from Mumbai. An Intro to Programming Nanodegree student, it was incidentally Dhruv’s love of electronics got him into programming.Being an Electronics and Telecommunication student, Dhruv has worked on various electronics projects. His first project was the Smart Wifi which is an IoT-enabler tool.Dhruv started up making smaller drones at Kc ecell labs at thane and aims to build a Iot drone based solutions for fighting forest fires with technology.

Unmesh on other hand is self taught drone enthusiasts and a sophomore building drones as a hobby.He has been learning from the internet and has made amazing drones which he intents to feature in upcoming drone workshops at Kccoe Thane.

Chance to make this project a reality and it’s knowledge useful!

For students like Dhruv and Unmesh Kccoe,Ecell host workshops.These workshop not only helps individual students to improve there maker skills but also inculcates best practices.In collaboration with Dronacharya Aviation Pvt Ltd. on 13th of September, Kc e-cell is inviting all makers and innovators to get hands on experience at Kccoe thane.

Learn more about the workshop at: EVENT PAGE

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