Why Should I Learn Machine Learning In 2018

“Machine Learning is the next internet” -Tony Tether, Director ,DARPA

Data is becoming owned by the big 5 technology players. Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, from today machine learning will be the game changing concept of human life.Machine Learning is all about computer’s ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.

The initiative took by the K.C. College Of Engineering by setting up an ‘Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) kicked start the campaign for promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-developing in the sea of automation.

Full house at Talks over Tea event

The E-Cell of K.C Of College had organised an expert session on ‘Scope Of Analytics And Machine Learning’ on 18th August 2017. As machine learning is one of the most in demand skill the industry needs right now, we had experts from Facebook coming at our campus to discuss the insights and scope of machine learning. Vikramank Singh, a software engineer at facebook & Abdurrab Khan, a successful entrepreneur were the experts sharing the views on stage!

Students and the experts blended their thoughts of total technical stream featuring Machine learning as the primitive point of discussion. Talks for the day cycled through scratch, experience, scope and proving the fact, “Why Machine Learning is the sexiest job of the year?” as claimed by the Forbes.

“A Breakthrough In Machine Learning Would Be Worth Ten Microsofts!” — Bill Gates, Chairperson, Microsoft
E-Cell Members With The Experts

Experts Present For Guidance: Vikramank Singh & Abdurrab Khan.

Ml has become a esteemed part of computer science and learning it would definitely benefit you .Reach out to our Kc Ecell Machine learning expert Jayesh behera to get more insights over it.

Thus, with amazing discussions and understanding the depth of the future, we at K.C. E-Cell row towards an overall development.