Serving Others Matters

Pro(ductivity) Tip# 40

Give me your tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

The mission is not over. There is still a very real need to help people seeking to create a better life; for a better life is possible. It’s made possible through knowledge, goodwill and responsibility. It’s made possible when we accept the inherent imperative that comes with the gifts and freedoms we enjoy.

Rarely do I pen patriotic pieces. For me patriotism is only the glossy shell of a much deeper and substantial reality. The heart of patriotism for me resides in responsibility. The sense of duty we feel to make our communities a better place to live. The willingness we exhibit to place our knowledge, skills and time at the service of others.

Give me your tired, poor and huddled masses…

I am moved by these colossal words inscribed on the statue of liberty. It reminds me that though our best efforts may be imperfect they are still meaningful. The need for engaged action is just as important today as it was yesterday.

Being at the service of others is not an outdated value. We simply do not outgrow altruism. There is no shelf life on caring. Our values are the fertile soil from which generational prosperity blooms. We cannot thrive without our values, much like depleted soil cannot sustain crops.

The tired and the poor are just as real today as they were in 1883 when the poem The New Colossus was penned.

Despite our cynicism the need highlighted in the poem still exists.

Despite our jaded sensibilities the need still exists.

The need of others transcends the politics of the day and fancies of the moment.

This need is fundamental to humanity. Greatness comes about as a result of serving a purpose intimately connected to the human condition. People want to thrive. People want to provide sustenance and safety for their loved ones. We cannot go wrong when we seek to use our knowledge and skills in the service of these fundamental human needs. If we do that we will maintain our stature as a Colossus.

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