Think, Care, Speak, Repeat

Pro(ductivity) Tip# 58

Keep the main thing the main thing

To bring about change we have to be on point with our communication. We have to have a compelling message that resonates with people.This is not always easy. We have to always remember what’s the main point. We can never lose track of the desired outcome we want to create. The messages we convey should paint a picture of the end result and the value it has for the people we wish to buy into our vision.

Think, Care, Speak Repeat

Communicating a vision with power requires. that we place a high priority on thinking about the needs of others. We have to understand the pain others feel. We have to understand the worries that keep people up at night. We have to think about this incessantly, not because we are obsessive but rather because we wish to understand how we can make people’s lives better. Our power generates from our understanding of a problem. As our understanding grows so will the power of our message.

We can’t merely think occasionally about how we can improve people’s lives in a haphazard way. We must be consistent. Inconsistency kills the dream. Inconsistency is a sign of disbelief and lack of conviction. If we are not willing to put our all into what we are creating why should people believe in it. Consistency speaks volumes.

A steadfast word moves mountains

Our steadfastness and consistency also applies to the cohesiveness of what we are saying. We have to eliminate contradictions in our message. Important elements of our message should remain the same. If we are saying one thing one moment and another thing the next we never develop the momentum we need behind our ideas to gain traction.

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