Secret Places to Meet New People in London

Today’s Article is going to be all about how to meet new people and make friends in London.

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So I’ve been living here in London for nearly a decade now, which is insane to me. It’s gone by so fast during that time, I found that it’s been a massive struggle to make friends.

I think that after you finish college or university, it’s really - really hard to find new people that you have things in common with, especially when you work by yourself like I do. Obviously that’s not the case for everyone.

But I think that that could really affect anyone who’s just moved to London, and it can be really difficult to just find people to hang out with, regardless of where you’re living, what you’re doing and how long you’ve been here.

So you may be wondering, what did I do so here are some of my tips on how to make friends in London whether you’ve been living here for years and years and you just want to meet new people or if you’ve just moved here, and you’re trying to find your group.

1# Mutual Friends:

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A lot of friends who I knew ahead of time before moving here, and I made it a colossal point to catch up with every single one of them. And during that time I would constantly ask to be invited to hang out with their friends to make friends with mutual friends.

I would go to drinks, coffees, lunches, dinners, all that and I got really difficult to get my friends to invite me to go hang out with their friends.

This isn’t like my best way of meeting people. So I figured I’d get it out of the way first. But if you’re lucky, and you have someone who’s willing to invite you into their circle, then that’s a great way to meet people, and it’s really, really simple. So if you’re moving here with a significant other or moving here with a friend who’s already been here for a while, then you’re in luck. Because you’ll probably be pulled into their group and already have a nice little built in network there.

Secret Place No 1# : If you want to meet new single people near east london then ask one of your friend to go with you to Nightjar, Old Street.

2# Put Yourself Out There:

Because I had trouble making friends with mutual friends. I ended up putting myself out there in every single situation that I possibly could and compliment someone if I liked their shoes when I was working in a co-working space or a café or hotel lobby.

I would ask for a pen. Just anything to get a conversation started every single event that I was invited to I would go to even if it made no sense for me to go to, and I spent the least amount of time possible in my house because I really just wanted to make sure that I was constantly in a situation that would attract new friends.

Secret Place No 2# : If you want to make new friends near mayfair london then go to Mr Fogg’s, Mayfair

3# Attend Event:

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As I said, I would put myself out there in uncomfortable situations, and that included going to different events.

There are so many things going on in London at all times, and it’s a great way to meet people, and it really doesn’t matter what your interests are. Because odds are there’s something going on.

So whether you use Facebook to find things going on Eventbrite or even meetup, you’re going to be able to find something that you want to do. So I would just keep checking the internet or all these apps and just find some events that you can go to.

There are several places that you could sign up for sports teams, if that’s what you’re interested. There are workshops, there are art classes, there’s pretty much something for everyone. So I would just do that. And you’ll definitely meet people that way.

Secret Place No 3# : Go to Bylde and find an event happening close to your place. You can also create your own small group and invite people in your local area.

4# Facebook Groups:

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Hundreds and hundreds of people are moving in and out of London each day, which makes it a great place to meet people.

Because new people are always arriving, it pretty much means that you always have the opportunity to talk to someone who also wants to make friends. I found that when I moved here, one of the best ways to meet people was through this Facebook group that I joined. And it’s called London New Boys, so obviously it’s only for men, but I found it to be so helpful.

Everyone is really open in there, and you pretty much know someone joined it as they want to meet new people as well.

And it’s just a really great place to just not only make friends but also go there for some support on some questions that you might have when you’re new and new city.

So a few weeks ago I posted something in the group saying that I was trying to meet people in the area that I live in, and I have like 50 people messaged me back saying that they would love to meet up.

I basically ended up organizing a bit of a get together in the area that I live in with. Like, I think it was six people. So it was really nice to just meet new people, and now we have a WhatsApp group.

And yeah, it’s just great to let know some other people in the area.

Secret Place No 4# : Want to make latino or south american friends then go and dance in a beginners class at Bar Salsa.

5# Use an App:

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So odds are you’ve probably used an app in your life at some point to find a date, but you can also use it to find friends, so when I moved here I was a bit desperate for friends. So about two months and I decided to go with the bumblebee FF I’ve never used it before.

I didn’t know anyone else who had ever used it before. So I went on it, I made a little profile. It differs a little from your regular Bumble profile. And yeah, I just put it out there. I was on it for about a week. I matched with this girl, Caroline. And now fast-forward over a year, we actually live together.

So I obviously had a really positive experience from Bumble BFF. It was really nice to go on an app, or you know that the other person behind it wants to make friends as well because why would they be on it If they didn’t want to?

So yeah, that wraps up my list of ways to make friends in London, I really hope that you enjoyed it.

Top Apps to meet new people in London


Leave me a comment letting me know how you make friends in London, I would love to know.



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