Top 9 Community Management Blogs

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Are you a community manager and looking for a place to interact and learn more about community management?

Well, the best places to learn more about how to manage your community is the blogs which talk about community management.

So which bloggers are most famous in the industry who talk about community building, community growth and community management strategies.

Well, we have come up with a list for you:

1. CMX

Go to CMX

CMX is a blog which covers topics raging from :

How to Reevaluate Priorities in your Community


How to Spend your First 90-Days in a New Community Role

It actually covers pretty much everything you need to know about how the community works and what makes it a successful community.

CMX is owned by Bevy(2017). Bevy is a platform to help organisations to build, grow and scale communities worldwide. Their customers include big giants like Asana, Atlassian, Docker, Duolingo, Evernote and not to be missed Salesforce.

CMX got acquired by Bevy recently in 2019. This empowered both to help community professionals.

2. E=M2C

Go to E=M2C

E=M2C represent Event Managers and Community Managers Blog in a sassy manner. It started back in 2019 and got acquired by Bylde — A community management platform which competes directly with meetup.

They cover large number of topics like:

  1. How to start a local community in your area?
  2. How to Grow your local community?
  3. Do’s and Don’t if you are managing a social group in your locality etc.

The best part of this blog is you get to contribute to it. So if you would like to talk about your community practices then please do submit your article on their write for us page.

You will see the majority of writers on this blog belongs to event management and community management background.

This enables you to showcase your content in front of thousands of readers worldwide.

3. The Community Manager

Go to The Community Manager

The community manager as it name suggest is a fairly simple blog, and it showcases mostly stories from different platforms.

It also aggregates tweets and small piece of information from other social network.

The last time I visited it, what I noticed is a lot of links on their blog are either 404 or just directing out of the blog. That makes me think if it is still active.

4. The Community Roundtable

Go to The Community Roundtable

The Community Roundtable started in 2009, since that time they have been helping community professionals to enhance their skill set. This helps them to build and manage innovative and effective communities worldwide.

They also run community programs all around the globe.

Their main strategy is to collaborate with community managers and develop practical strategies to grow communities. They have developed some proven techniques, frameworks to scale communities to the next level.

Here is a small video which tells more about them:

I have just listed the remaining 7 blogs below. I will visit them one by one and once I understand more about it. Will update the information.

  1. Evan Hamilton
  2. FeverBee
  3. Higher Logic
  4. Jono Bacon
  5. Wenger-Trayner
  6. A dozen community management communities
  7. Posts about communities of practice

If you have come across any community management blogs, then please do let me know. I will try to add it into this list.




E=M2C was founded in May 2019 by Ash Bylde as Community Manager and Event Manager's Online Resource.

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