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Curate and e-Money announce Strategic Partnership

We are excited to announce that Curate, a marketplace for NFT, fashion, gaming & crypto assets is partnering with e-Money.

The partnership will provide Curate users direct access to XCUR and USDXC through e-Money’s fiat-to-digital currencies channel, and for XCUR / USDXC holders to directly access e-Money’s interest-bearing digital currencies including e-EUR, e-CHF, e-NOK, e-SEK and e-DKK.

The collaboration with e-Money will accelerate Curate platform’s integration and adoption amongst European partners and users, who are seeking native currency options within the Curate marketplace. Additionally, the partnership will offer an exclusive launchpad of e-Money NFT’s on the Curate Platform. e-Money’s integration onto Curate’s X-Chain is estimated by Q3 2021.

“This is an exciting time for Curate as we provide our community access to e-Money’s suite of interest-bearing stablecoins. The timing couldn’t have been better as our NFT app launches, making now the perfect time to be a part of Curate”. said, James Hakim, Founder & CEO of Curate.

“This partnership between e-Money and Curate is extremely exciting and interesting because it supports the creative industry — creators, NFT’s, artwork and their marketplaces. We are happy to support creatives on the Curate platform by providing them access to e-Money’s suite of interest-bearing stablecoins.” said, Martin Dyring-Andersen, Founder & CEO of e-Money.

About Curate

Curate is the world’s first gasless NFT marketplace app. Curate provides a fairer and more transparent open marketplace by offering an industry low 4% seller commission and provides buyers with zero gas fees when they use $XCUR, curate’s native token, to purchase in-app. All buyers and sellers are also rewarded in $XCUR on all transactions.

Why choose $XCUR?

$XCUR is a utility and reward-based cryptographic token which can be used to purchase in-app goods, accepted as a form of in-app payment for selling or staked to collect rewards for holding. $XCUR tokens serve as a multi-use utility token offering users a wide number of use cases on both the Curate DApp and outside the Curate ecosystem, as so:

  • Purchase items on the Curate app marketplace
  • Rewarded to buyers and sellers on all transactions
  • DeFi platform staking and DeFi partner pools
  • Spend on over 3M+ travel products on Travala
  • Spend on global activities on Viator
  • Spend on over 7M+ holidays and flights on Expedia
  • Spend on Curate partners i.e Shopping IO and Mudrex
  • Many more as Curate partners and integrates XCUR with more platforms

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About e-Money

e-Money pioneering blockchain sectors first interest bearing stablecoins

The e-Money protocol is built for the issuance of a range of interest-bearing currency-backed stablecoins reflecting various world currencies. Each token is backed by a reserve of assets denominated in its underlying currency. e-Money currently supports the Euro (EUR), Swiss Franc (CHF), Swedish Krona (SEK), Norwegian Krone (NOK) and the Danish Krone (DKK) with a host of additional currencies pegged for release in 2021. The project is dedicated to total transparency with quarterly reserve audits performed by Ernst & Young.

Unlike most existing stablecoins which aim to maintain a static 1:1 peg with their underlying assets, the value of e-Money’s currency-backed tokens continually shifts in line with the interest accrued on the reserve assets. This means that holders benefit from the interest accrued on their assets while they sit securely in your wallet. The e-Money blockchain supports instant payments at scale and includes a DEX for easy conversion between currencies. e-Money expects to integrate with Cosmos Hub, Ethereum and Avalanche in the first half of 2021.

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