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e-Money Monthly Newsletter

Bear Market or Bull Market! Regardless of the market conditions, We Continue On Building Strong!

Greetings to e-Money community members!

Welcome to the monthly newsletter, regardless of the volatile market conditions, e-Money team doesn’t stop building and this can be seen from the continuous developments in the ecosystem.This monthly newsletter will highlight the key developments and progress of our continuous strive towards increasing the widespread adoption and utility of our stablecoins and $NGM token.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of May 2022

Last month was one of the most eventful period in the crypto space, it took less than a week for the third largest stablecoin and its ecosystem to become virtually worthless, wiping out countless traders’ savings and vaporising billions in crypto wealth.

Given the aftermath of the past month, we are proud to publish our latest edition of e-Money’s proof of funds reporting by Ernst & Young. The published report reiterates how e-Money’s European stablecoins are fully collateralized, backed with bank deposits held at commercial banks. Read more

Our integration with Axelar Network enables users to directly swap cross-chain assets within their wallet interfaces and web apps. Integration with Axelar Network marks the beginning of a whole new suite of projects that we can collaborate with and establish connections to crypto liquidity. Read more

Leading real estate tokenization platform, ReTok will now use e-Money’s stablecoin EEUR to distribute rental income to their investors. ReTok investors are rewarded every month with a share of the rent income from portfolios’ properties behind the tokens. ReTok will make its first EEUR rental income distribution to its investors on the 31st May 2022. Read more


The following blockchain projects will explore e-Money’s suite of European stablecoins. These collaborations are designed to introduce e-Money’s suite of European stablecoins such as EEUR, ECHF, ESEK, ENOK, and EDKK to the mentioned platforms, whilst introducing both ecosystems to their respective communities.

1/ Proteus Finance explores strategic collaboration with e-Money Read more

2/ P2E game Bit Hotel explores e-Money’s suite of asset backed stablecoins Read more

3/ Propel to explore e-Money’s suite of stablecoins Read more

Community Highlights

Our CTO & co-Founder Henrik Aasted was invited on the Financial Experience Podcast. In the podcast he discussed all things blockchain, tech development & how e-Money leverages the cosmos ecosystem to digitize & simplify how we use money. Tune in to listen to the entire episode

The Panther Protocol team invited our Founder and CTO Henrik Aasted & CMO Shalini Wood on their Twitter Spaces to discuss how stablecoins are unlocking the potential of DeFi and privacy.

Incase you missed, click the link below and listen in👇🏻

We debuted our Spaces with the Founder of BlindBoxes, Anita Angelica. In this spaces we discussed digital currencies, stablecoins, NFT’s and the future of Web 3.0 ecosystem. 🎧Listen to the Spaces here

We invited Juan Ibagon, CEO of Elfin Kingdom to our Spaces. In this spaces we discussed stablecoins, NFTs and the future of the Metaverse. 🎧 Listen to the Spaces here

🎥 Watch it here

About e-Money

e-Money is a blockchain-based payment platform built by Danish fintech e-Money A/S, committed to bringing financial inclusion and helping people around the world to have easy access to digital currencies. Built on Cosmos technology, e-Money supports a range of fiat-stablecoins which are fully backed by bank deposits and government bonds that are also interest bearing. The fidelity and transparency of e-Money stablecoins will be ensured by Ernst & Young providing quarterly Proof of Funds.

e-Money currently supports several European currency-backed stablecoins such as the EEUR, the ECHF, and tokens backed by Scandinavian currencies (ENOK, EDKK, and ESEK). The e-Money ecosystem has a second token, the NGM “Next Generation money” which is a staking token and rewards token. Users can stake NGM to secure the e-Money network.

Unlike most existing stablecoins which aim to maintain a static 1:1 peg with their underlying assets, the value of e-Money’s currency-backed tokens continually shifts in line with the interest accrued on the reserve assets. This means that holders benefit from the interest accrued on their assets while they sit securely in your wallet. The e-Money blockchain supports instant payments at scale and includes a DEX for easy conversion between currencies. e-Money has already integrated with Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, and Ethereum and expects to integrate with all major networks moving forward.

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Leading issuer of interest-bearing, currency-backed stablecoins for the Internet of Money.

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