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Mainnet Upgrade Successful

We are pleased to report that the planned e-Money mainnet upgrade proceeded according to schedule: The upgrade occurred at 13:00 UTC time on 4 November at block height 630964 and took 38 minutes all in all. All features operated exactly as expected.

Prior to the upgrade we had 40 validators including Dokia Capital, IRISnet, Figment, Forbole ChainLayer and Cosmostation. Two more will join in the near future — exciting announcements to follow — and we have made room for an additional 8 on the new mainnet.

The headline features are as follows:

  • NGM tokens are now transferrable
  • Updated token model, including a buyback and burn on NGM tokens
  • DEX update allowing market orders: Good Until Cancel (GTC), Immediate or Cancel (IOC) and Fill or Kill (FOK).

NGM tokens were also delivered to private sale participants as part of the update. Further details on the token model and NGM can be read here.

With the Cosmos SDK having been updated to version 0.39 the mainnet upgrade is paving the way for inter-blockchain communication or cross-chain compatibility. More to come…

Best regards,

Team e-Money



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