Expert panel presents Estonia’s Digital Nomad Visa at Latitude59

Industry and Government experts on the benefits of Estonia’s groundbreaking new visa for remote workers

From L to R: Huebner, Kruustük, Annus, and Vatter on stage at Latitude59 2020

“designed the digital nomad visa together with the (business) community. We asked — what do you actually need? We found out that remote working and tourism combined is a lifestyle that is not covered in our legislation and in most countries’ laws. Why do we need to ask people to work on the spot, being physically present, when they can work remotely? Usually people work on a tourist visa, but this is not allowed. A tourist visa is not meant for working.”

“I come to Estonia up to a few months a year for business, I pay corporate taxes here and spend money into the local economy. I also spread awareness of Estonia around the world as one of its biggest fanboys. Through meeting other e-residents and digital nomads around the world, I have also found new business opportunities — like just recently starting to build an insurance broker specialised in global health insurance right here in Estonia.”

“The world is competing for talented people with innovative thinking… The indirect influence (of a visa) is even bigger. The more Estonia is known in the world as an innovative country, the more people want to come here, invest here and our companies get the opportunity to export the services as well. So combined with e-Residency and maybe at some point with the startup visa programme, we can have a nice package of e-state services that helps to make Estonia bigger.”



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