LeapIN — unlocking the value of e-Residency

LeapIN is one of the first service providers for e-Residents allowing them to start and run a location independent micro-business from anywhere in the world.

*This is a guest post submitted by a member of the e-Residency community.

We launched LeapIN 2 years ago and our growth has led us from a founding team of 4 to a team of 25 professionals in our offices in Tallinn and Tartu. It wouldn’t have been possible without the rapid growth of e-Residency which has been one of the drivers contributing to LeapIN’s growth.

Our customers are freelancers, contractors and digital nomads — 1-person businesses providing their skills to customers around the world. LeapIN offers them a simple way to start and run their global businesses. Our experience shows that among the first 25 000 e-Residents, there are thousands of open-minded and cooperative customers eager to try and test new services. I hope that our experience inspires more and more entrepreneurs to join the ranks of businesses providing services for e-Residents.

I’m also happy to announce that LeapIN has raised a total of 2 million euro of funding. This is important both for LeapIN and for the e-Residency programme, showing that global investors believe in the Estonian ecosystem and what the future brings. They are excited to work with businesses providing global citizens tools to thrive in this 21st century cross-border business environment.

LeapIN estimates that there are hundreds of millions of professionals who desire to work independently and need well designed services to manage their business relationships. In a decade, the millennials will have contributed to the majority of workforce being freelancers. At the same time, e-Residency related opportunities are not tied to only running a business. During our journey we have identified many new opportunities in the e-Residency ecosystem and I encourage other startups and entrepreneurs to act and be pioneers creating unique value and unlocking new demand for e-residents.

And who knows, maybe the initial goal of 10 million e-Residents is too small and we should already strive for 100 million? :)

On behalf of the LeapIN team — Happy 3rd Birthday Estonian e-Residency!

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