LeuPay provides e-residents with more choice for banking

LeuPay offers online banking services to residents of more than 60 countries and territories, regardless of their citizenship.

Estonia’s e-resident community is growing at ever faster rates — and that means the number of companies seeking to serve this market is constantly growing too.

LeuPay, which offers banking services entirely online, is the latest company to join e-Residency’s list of suggested services providers.

The main motivation for becoming an e-resident continues to be the desire to start a global EU company online and run it from anywhere in the world. As a result, business banking remains one of the most highly demanded services by e-residents.

Approximately half of e-resident entrepreneurs have obtained business banking from Estonian credit institutions (traditional banks), but an increasing number are choosing banking services from payment institutions (or ‘fintech companies’) like LeuPay and a range of others because their accounts can be opened online with greater ease.

No matter which option e-residents choose though, it’s important to note that every provider has different offerings and different terms and conditions so there is no one provider that is best suited for everyone. That’s why it’s important to ensure there is the widest possible choice of services because this results in better service and lower fees for everyone.

You can read a full overview of the latest e-Residency advice on banking here.

We’re delighted that LeuPay has committed itself to serving e-residents so we’ll be hosting a webinar with them on September 5th about How to use LeuPay for banking as an e-resident.

LeuPay offers both business and personal banking services entirely online to residents of more than 60 countries and territories. Anyone can apply, regardless of their citizenship or financial history.

They can offer e-residents an EU IBAN account and multiple payment cards that works with ten different currencies — euros, US dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, Romanian leu, Croatian Kuna, Japanese yen, Bulgarian lev, Polish zloty, and Czech Koruna — and more are planned.

There’s no activation fee and no monthly fees after that so it is easy for e-residents to sign up before the webinar and see if the service is right for their needs. A full breakdown of fees they will pay depending on how they use the service are available here.

If you’d like to learn more about using LeuPay as an e-resident for either personal or business banking then please do join our webinar on September 5th. You’ll receive a full overview of how LeuPay works before getting the chance to ask your questions directly.

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