Serving for the greater good

E-resident Alagan and Team Serw win the Global Hack work track

Alagan (bottom left) and Team Serw hacking to win! Photo: Alagan Mahalingam
Alagan Mahalingam in the Rootcode Labs office in Colombo, Sri Lanka

“The joy and energy I get from my team and partners and the fact that we constantly learn by doing what we love gets me excited to go to work every day.”

Alagan’s e-Residency journey

“I travel around the EU a lot and Estonia is way ahead of the game. Even before I knew about e-Residency I was impressed with Estonia.”

“When I found e-Residency I couldn’t believe it was possible. From the time of signing up, I was impressed with how the ecosystem worked, how easy the e-services worked, and how easy it was to start a company.”

Alagan with his e-Residency digital ID.

A series of fatefully fortunate events

“The crisis has seen some experts projecting the worst. But the Global Hack provides a different path — how to leverage tech to protect people and the economy — which not only creates opportunities for business and society but also amplifies the impact we can make as a collective.”

“Witnessing my team push ourselves to the limit and solve some of the world’s biggest problems makes me realise the impact we are making and how much we are all growing every day.”

Serving the greater good with

“e-Residency has already made a big impact for many businesses worldwide and made Estonia a front runner in global innovation. I believe that it will be a factor in determining where the next set of world changing technologies are built.”



Archived blog! The official blog of the Republic of Estonia’s e-Residency programme is now at

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