The Skill Mill is the first e-Residency social enterprise

..and everyone is invited to their Tallinn launch.

A successful UK-based social enterprise is launching in Estonia through e-Residency.

The Skill Mill employs ex-offenders to clean up rivers and plant new landscapes. This not only improves the environment, but also significantly reduces rates of reoffending by ensuring people with troubled pasts can pursue a better future.

The rate of re-offending within one year is usually around 50%, yet The Skill Mill has so far employed 56 ex-offenders in the UK and only 3 of them have been returned to the courts.

The Skill Mill now plans to continue this success beyond the UK so have chosen to establish themselves in Estonia. Director David Parks applied for e-Residency and then established a non-profit organisation known as an MTÜ in Estonia, as opposed to a limited company known as an OÜ that most e-residents set up.

This enables Parks to remain in the UK to run the British organisation, but also grow the Estonian organisation by remotely managing it online.

“E-Residency was a complete revelation,” says Parks. “We were able to sign all the documents digitally and I didn’t even need to be in Tallinn. A lot of people I’ve mentioned it to now want a card themselves!”

Since then, the Skill Mill has been awarded funding to grow its operation inside Estonia by KÜSK, the National Foundation of Civil Society, which is supported by Estonia’s Ministry of the Interior. They’ve also been featured on an Estonian TV show for new ideas called Ajujaht.

The Estonian launch will take place on Wednesday 3 May from 15:30 to 17:30 at the Sõprus cinema in Tallinn. In addition to discussing the importance of the organisation, they will be screening The Angel’s Share, an award winning movie that highlights the barriers preventing ex-offenders from inclusion in the workforce and rehabilitation back into society.

The British Embassy is co-hosting the event, while the Sõprus cinema, the movie director Ken Loach and the team at Sixteen Films all generously waived their costs for screening the movie so that attendees can make donations directly to the charity instead:

Skill Mill MTÜ
Registrikood: 80396466

Parks says that a donation equivalent to a movie ticket would be very welcome, but everyone is welcome so no one should be put off attending if that is not possible.

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