V&A Museum now displays an e-Residency card among 100 objects shaping the future

London’s V&A museum is the world’s leading museum of art and design (& it’s just a short walk from Estonia’s London Embassy).

The Future Starts Here.

That’s the title of an ambitious new exhibition at London’s V&A museum, which asks visitors to consider how cutting edge technology will shape our everyday lives.

The objects on display range from smart appliances to satellites and drones, including projects from Facebook, Apple and Google. Many of them have never been seen by the public before.

Not far from a driverless vehicle and underneath a drone is one object that will be familiar to e-residents though…

An e-Residency card was donated to the exhibition by Martin John Callanan who works as an artist specialising in the research of an individual’s place within systems. You can learn more about his work at greyisgood.eu.

His e-Residency card is within a section that challenges visitors to consider if democracy still works before being shown projects with new strategies for collective decision-making and alternative ideas for improving public services.

His e-Residency digital ID card is in the same display case as a Brexit referendum ballot paper, which ironically is one of the factors behind the growth of e-Residency in the UK.

Coincidentally, the exhibition is just a short walk from the Estonian Embassy so e-residents can easily combine the collection of their digital ID cards with a visit to the exhibition.

Visitors to the exhibition are asked to consider what would happen if the technologies they’ve been shown are widely adopted, and how that might change the way we live, the way we work and our planet.

In the case of e-Residency, the technology itself is not that new because Estonians have been using digital ID cards for more than 15 years. However, the adoption of digital IDs through e-Residency is rising at ever faster rates, while other countries are also now planning to launch their own e-Residency programmes.

To explore more about what that could mean, read e-Residency Managing Director Kaspar Korjus’ thoughts on why the next big industry to face digital disruption will be our nations:

The Future Starts Here, supported by Volkswagen Group. Runs at the V&A from 12 May — 4 November 2018. Find out more at https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/the-future-starts-here.

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