VIDEO: Jie Hao predicts the future of e-Residency (Chinese + English subs)

5 million people have watched Jie Hao’s talk on e-Residency at the Remix conference in China over the past two months.

Estonia’s e-resident community has been growing at record speed so far in 2018, thanks in large part to new interest from entrepreneurs in south-east Asia — especially Korea, Japan, and China.

One person who has played a particularly significant role in this growth is Jie Hao, one of the first e-residents from China, who took to the stage at the Remix conference in December to discuss his thoughts about the e-Residency programme. He believes the video of his talk has been watched around 5 million times across various platforms since then.

Hao is a serial entrepreneur, author, angel investor and a Partner at Latin American tech fund Magma Partners. He’s a passionate advocate of blockchain technology and teaches Chinese entrepreneurs to find global opportunities.

During his talk, Hao cited the analysis conducted by Deloitte into the economic impact of e-Residency, which revealed that e-residents make a positive contribution to Estonia and the country is projected to gain €100 for every €1 invested into the programme. This creates a positive cycle that supports faster growth because e-residents and companies serving e-residents can invest in the e-Residency ecosystem with greater confidence.

Hao then made the bold prediction that this digital economy based on e-Residency has the potential to overtake the size of larger countries’ economies in future.

To support this claim, Hao discussed how the world is becoming increasingly location-independent but far too many people are still being held back by barriers to entrepreneurship and cross-border trade. He then discussed the example of his fellow e-resident, Sakshi Gupta from Delhi, who is one of the first people to benefit from e-Residency’s partnership with the UN on an initiative called eTrade For All.

Jie Hao has now kindly provided the video with English subtitles too so you can watch it for yourself here:

We’re always keen to hear how e-residents around the world are helping build our digital nation.

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