Watch our e-Residency webinar for digital nomads around the world

Find out how to start a location-independent EU company with EU business banking.

E-Residency is popular among ‘digital nomads’ — the growing number of world citizens who enjoy the freedom to work with no fixed location.

So the e-Residency programme teamed up with Digital Nomads Around the World — the largest Facebook group for digital nomads — to answer questions about running a location-independent company as an e-resident.

In answer to the first question — no, we weren’t broadcasting from a sauna, although it certainly looked like it. In fact, we were at the e-Estonia showroom in Tallinn, which is where Estonia showcases its digital expertise as one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries.

During the webinar, we explained how to become an e-resident, start a location-independent EU company remotely then run it online from anywhere, as well as access all the tools needed to easily conduct business globally. We were also joined by Holvi, which is the first company to offer complete EU business banking to e-residents.

The first half hour is an introduction to Estonia and e-Residency then we spent the second half hour answering questions:

  • 7.00: Introduction to Estonia and e-Residency
  • 22.30: Access business banking
  • 33.00: Q&A session

We hope the webinar was helpful. Let us know your feedback in the comments below, including whether you would like more webinars in future and which topics we should focus on.

You can find out more about e-Residency and join our new digital nation at

You can also learn about business banking for e-residents at Use the code ERESIDENCY to get one month free.