Policy Wins in Colorado set a roadmap for a carbon-free future and stronger Colorado economy

Susan Nedell-E2
Jun 1, 2019 · 2 min read

May was a historic month for Colorado’s clean energy economy and environment. At the same time that he signed a host of clean energy bills into law, Gov. Jared Polis unveiled his bold plan for the state to get 100% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2040.

Coming 12 years after the founding of E2’s Rocky Mountains Chapter, what’s notable about this year’s successes in Colorado are both the scope and sweep of them and also how effective E2 and its members and supporters were in making them a reality. Our Colorado members and supporters brought the business voice for smart climate and clean energy policies at every turn — meeting individually with lawmakers; testifying at hearings; writing opinion pieces; signing letters to legislators and speaking out at local events.

The result is that Colorado now has a roadmap for a carbon-free future and a stronger economy. Under the new policies passed and signed into law by Gov. Polis, we will put 940,000 zero emissions vehicles on the road by 2030 and we’ll expand access to clean energy options to all homeowners and businesses. And we will also continue to build on Colorado’s clean energy jobs base that now includes more than 57,000 clean energy workers, as E2 found in its Clean Jobs Colorado 2018 report that was cited frequently at the statehouse and beyond during policy discussions this year.

Colorado’s historic legislative session also produced new laws that will increase home and building efficiency; ensure the social cost of carbon is considered in electric utility plans; expand community solar; build-out electric vehicle charging infrastructure and extend the state’s electric vehicle tax credit.

This suite of bills and Gov. Polis’ commitment to climate action marks Colorado’s new position as a national leader and catalyst that can move our country towards a cleaner environment and robust economic future.

Some of the laws passed and signed into law:

• HB19–1231: New Appliance Energy Efficiency and Water Efficiency Standards
• HB19–1260: Building Energy Codes update (with bi-partisan support)
• SB19–236: Public Utilities Commission Reauthorization
• SB19–096: Collect Long-term climate change data
• HB19–1261: Climate Action to Reduce Pollution
• HB19–1003: Community Solar Gardens Modernization Act
• SB19–077: Utility Ownership of EV Infrastructure (with bi-partisan support)
• HB19–1298: Electric Vehicle Charging Station Parking (with bi-partisan support)
• HB19–1159: Tax Credit Extension


The independent business voice for the environment

Susan Nedell-E2

Written by

Susan is E2’s Mountain West Advocate, and has more than 20 years of experience in executive entrepreneurship in cleantech, aerospace, and software industries.



The independent business voice for the environment

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