Eachmile & Seafood Analytics Collaborate with Northline & Shandong Ocean

Alistair Douglas
Jul 22, 2018 · 2 min read
Measuring the freshness attributes of ULT frozen Pink Salmon fillets using Seafood Analytics CQR machine at Shandong Ocean, China

This month Eachmile processed the ultra low temperature frozen Pink Salmon of Northline Seafood at a facility of Shandong Ocean in Qingdao, China. The quality attributes, notably the freshness of the salmon, was nothing like the processors had ever seen before. Through its floating platform, Northline’s ability to get their ultra low temperature blast freezer closer to the fishing grounds is only going to see the freshness and related quality attributes improve further.

Measuring the freshness of the whole salmon at Northline Seafood in Sitka, Alaska

Ultra low temperature blast freezers get the temperature at the core of the fish to temperatures of -60C very rapidly — a technique used by the Japanese for sashimi grade seafood products. Through other methods the cores of the fish can remain unfrozen for days resulting in a mushy flesh suitable only for canning or pet food.

Of course the investments made by Northline to produce a superior product can go unrewarded without continual communication and demonstration to the market. Thankfully they have partnered with Seafood Analytics — a company who have produced a sensor that uses bio-impedance analysis of the flesh of fish as a quantitative indicator of freshness. The sensor, called a Certified Quality Reader (CQR), allows actors in seafood supply chains to get more data about the freshness related attributes of the seafood they are selling, handling, or buying. In the case of, Northline, Shandong Ocean, and Eachmile, it helps differentiate their products or services they are offering the market.

The team in China and the high quality products of Northline’s Pink Salmon as measured by Seafood Analytics

In the future, as a key integrator to Fishcoin’s blockchain platform, the Seafood Analytics CQR data can provide key objective quality metrics of both chilled and previously frozen seafood throughout the chain of custody. The ability to keep track of not only the fish and who handled it, but quality and freshness related attributes throughout the supply chain, helps to hold each company’s integrity to the highest standards and provides retailers and the end customer with a longer lasting more nutritional seafood experience.

Stay tuned for the next step when the salmon’s freshness is being measured by the CQR sensor again before being enjoyed by customer’s of one the best hotels in Singapore…

Eachmile Technologies

We use technology to transform each mile of global seafood supply chains.

Alistair Douglas

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Founding partner @Eachmile and @Fishcoin. Passionate about applying technology to the seafood industry to help make it more sustainable and profitable.

Eachmile Technologies

We use technology to transform each mile of global seafood supply chains.

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