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mFish goes multilingual with ASIC!

mFish is now available in 7 languages, with educational content on best practices from Asia Seafood Improvement Collaborative

Mark Kaplan
Oct 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Eachmile Technologies is proud to announce that the mFish mobile technology platform for sustainable seafood is now accessible in Bengali, Filipino, Spanish, English, Bahasa, Vietnamese, Thai. The platform is accessible via Free Basics, any browser, mFish is even on a 2G device. The platform features include: Best Practices Guides, Prices (if available), Catch/Harvest Log, Messenger and Weather Data.

Asia Seafood Improvement Collaborative is a group of international stakeholders dedicated to developing creative strategies for improving the Asian Seafood industry. ASIC is developing the framework to translate strategies into meaningful action throughout the industry supply chain that incentivizes producers and buyers on the local, regional and international levels and supports a healthy ocean environment. This is aligned with mFish and its development to provide small scale fishers and farmers with access to connectivity, tools to support their trade and enhance their livelihoods.

We look forward to scaling mFish in our supply chains and collaborating with other partners like ASIC to help achieve a positive impact for small scale fishers and seafood farmers in developing and emerging markets.

Interested in becoming an Eachmile partner?

Companies and organizations throughout the seafood industry are reaching out to be partners to deploy mFish and selling traceable seafood. Please check out our website or follow us on Twitter.

Eachmile Technologies

We use technology to transform each mile of global seafood supply chains.

Mark Kaplan

Written by

Partner, Eachmile Technologies and Nonresident Fellow, Food & Agriculture and Global Cities

Eachmile Technologies

We use technology to transform each mile of global seafood supply chains.

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