How NYX cosmetics (L’Oréal) increased its walk-in customer registration by 245% in one day.

NYX is a highly successful cosmetics company owned by L’Oreal since 2014. Thanks to an exponential growth of more than 213%, NYX revenue climbed to a total of more than 160 million dollars for 2016.

NYX’s marketing strategy is mostly digital. You won’t see any print or TV ads but you will see many YouTube vloggers. This approach allows NYX to create strong brand loyalty with dedicated followers.


Capture in-store customers information.

Every NYX store-openings causes a stir and generates huge lines of customers waiting to enter the store. It is therefore critical for NYX to capture customer information and to enroll customers into NYX digital CRM in real time. 
Indeed, as a digitital brand, Understanding who walks in a store is a must to develop a digital conversation.
NYX had previously worked with an agency to develop a Customer Capture app. The app looked great but did not connect to L’OREAL customer database or the POS system in the store.Customer creation and upkeep was delayed. Ultimately, it proved to be ineffective for a high paced and dynamic organization such as NYX.


A Customer Capture app connected in real time to L’OREAL POS/CRM systems.

EachScape worked closely with the L’OREAL USA PRO and NYX CRM teams to implement the NYX Customer Capture app that would ultimately fit the brand’s needs and connect in real time to L’OREAL’s POS and CRM.

The Customer Capture app impacts the entire process: Newly created customers are immediately added to the marketing workflow and can then receive offers before they leave the store. A NYX client card immediately shows up in their phone wallet: another key touch point for the brand.

EachScape provided the flexibility the CRM team needed. The NYX Customer Capture app runs on connected iPad minis and offers a web-based admin tool. The store team can directly create, share and edit events like store or pop-up store-opening in real time.

The customer capture app by EachScape has been a great investment and definitely something that we are looking to continue to build from.
Using this app, allows us to enhance the customer experience and maximize productivity.
For our team, the back-end of the app is very intuitive and self-manageable.”
Hannah O’Neill,
CRM & Loyalty at NYX Professional Makeup


More customers added to digital marketing, more timely contacts made.

Newly created NYX clients are immediately added to the marketing workflow and receive a NYX client card for their phone wallet to ensure on going contact. NYX increased customers touch points while being more reactive. Last, but not least, administration is very straightforward, the CRM team can directly administer the app and easily train the store teams to use it.


Unlike other apps, EachScape app runs on a highly sophisticated mobile development platform allowing highly custom features and fast integrations with existing vendors.

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