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“To Live and Die in LA” Season 2 Starts May 27: What Happened To Elaine Park?

Tenderfoot TV, the independent Atlanta-based content creation company with over 600 million downloads for its award-winning podcasts, has announced the official trailer for the second season of Neil Strauss’ hit true-crime podcast, “To Live and Die in LA”, investigating the disappearance of Elaine Park. Season two premieres on May 27th.

Strauss returns as host to uncover what happened to Elaine Park, a 20-year-old woman from Glendale, just north of Los Angeles, who went missing in 2017. On January…




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Frank Racioppi

I am a South Jersey-based writer who manages Podcast Reports on Blogger and have a book available on Amazon about podcasts and podcasting called “Ear Worthy.”

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