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ViacomCBS Announces Over 20 New Podcasts Via Its Franchises

At the IAB Upfronts, ViacomCBS announced an expanded podcast footprint, featuring brand-new and returning series that build on established franchises — Awesomeness, BET, CBS News, CBS Studios, CBS Sports, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Noggin, MTV Entertainment Group, Paramount Network and SHOWTIME Sports.

Since unveiling the company’s unified podcast slate at the IAB’s Podcast Upfront in September 2020, ViacomCBS has seen a nearly 14% increase in downloads year-over-year and is on track to produce over 120 shows, including more…




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Frank Racioppi

I am a South Jersey-based writer who manages Podcast Reports on Blogger and have a book available on Amazon about podcasts and podcasting called “Ear Worthy.”

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