Quack! Quack!

Feeding the ducks…

I was a bird lover for as long as I could remember and still am today. I have my own little cockatiel now who is my constant companion.

This is my Sammers who will be 22 years old on December 18th.

The photo of me at the duck pond was taken when I was about six years old. My Dad at the time worked as a stone cutter for a cemetery in Colma, CA. He worked on weekends so when he went to work he would bring me and my Mom along to the duck pond where we would pack a lunch and have a picnic while feeding the ducks.

I was in heaven. It was one of my fondest memories while growing up. Spending time with my Mom, who was also a bird lover, and being outdoors picnicking while surrounded by ducks, there just wasn’t anything I loved more.

After my Dad got a job with the post office, we would still go to the duck pond on weekends for a couple of hours.

Before I became disabled four years ago, I would journey out to Golden Gate Park, not far from where I live and I would walk the entire length of the park visiting my favorite lakes and feeding the ducks and bird life.

Now I have my little Sammers who wakes me up each morning with a song and gets fed all day long.



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Joanne Olivieri

Published author, poet and photographer. Love birds, animals, food, art, books, music. Contact jmcojo@gmail.com - https://medium.com/@jodapoet