Swag EULA [draft]

Gang, A follow-up from our Standing Desk Square Dance this afternoon (see attached). Great job Richard with the #codechant calls. Very inspiring! 


  1. You (the “User”) have been sent by Us (“We”, the “Company”) CORPORATE SWAG ITEMS (the “Items”) in the value of $__________(BTC). [fill in value]
  2. By opening this package, you agree to the Terms of Service (“TOS”, the “Terms”, “EULA,” the “Agreement”) which follows. If you do not agree, do not open the package.
  3. You agree to be bound to the Company as an unpaid advertising vassal for the duration of the lifetime of enclosed Items. You will not be considered an “employee,” “agent,” “partner,” nor “associate,” of the Company and will have no rights or benefits incurred through such relationships.
  4. You agree not to sell, transfer, license, rent or sub-divide the Items nor this Agreement. You may not return or exchange Items with the Company for an equal-value cash payout, nor other swag Items. You may request new Items only after the lifetime of existing Items has terminated legally.
  5. You indemnify the company for any loss or damages potentially incurred through use of Items. You forego any claims of responsibility on the part of the Company, in toto and in perpetuity.
  6. Continuation of terms. If User lifetime is terminated before lifetime of Items, these terms will be automatically inherited by new rightful owner.