What’s in my Pocket: 30 July 2018

Photo by Felipe P. Lima Rizo on Unsplash

Guidelines for data products, innovation, and AI’s impact.

1. The five Cs

· A guiding framework for any enterprise creating or using a data product (and who isn’t?) Consent, Clarity, Consistency, Control and Consequences.

2. The Biggest Obstacles to Innovation in Large Companies

· “Politics, turf wars, and a lack of alignment” … no surprise there. Creating alignment and removing barriers to alignment might be the single most important job of the executive team.

3. Strategic Competition in an Era of Artificial Intelligence

· Great discussion of the potential geo-political impact of AI… “AI is more akin to electricity or the combustion engine than a particular weapon or platform.” Some key elements … Owning large quantities of the right type of data. Training, sustaining, and enabling an AI-capable talent pool. Computing resources. Organizations incentivized and aligned to effectively adopt AI. Good guidelines for businesses as well.

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