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Actionable startup advice

Two Different Mindsets

Or why engineers and business people speak different languages.


On Types of Porn

Or why I’m not eager to read yet another success story.

When I joined Google being 23, I have been made aware of what internet porn is. Unspoiled…

San Diego isn’t Silicon Valley. And that’s fine by me.

I just read a post on Mashable:

“Can San Diego Compete With Silicon Valley? Depends on Its Next Mayor…

The Coin Fad, & why it wont last too

All the opinions in this post are mY personal views and i am not responsible for the outcome, whatever it is.

So it seems like people are really liking the concept of OnlyCoin Like having one Coin for all your cards. A novel concept but let us examine the facts and human nature.
We humans hated at first,but loved…

Invited Technical Co-Founder

The role you don’t want to be in.

How it Begins

A business guy approaches you with an ambitious idea. The idea…

From Power Extenders to Sangria

The Daily Costs of our Startup Life in Spain

This is the third of a series of posts about the PriceOn work camp in Spain. The…

How We Rode 167 Customer Interviews to a Validated Launch

Stop building, start listening

Stop what you’re building right now and ask yourself a simple question…

Startup Runaway: The Hardships of Finding the Right Place

This is the second of a series of posts about the PriceOn work camp in Spain. The story starts here.

10 Ways Your Startup Lawyer is Overcharging You

So you have a startup and you just signed on with a lawyer that offers deferred payment for a certain amount of legal services until you…

From Kanye to Hemingway

9 Experiences For Sparking Creativity

This is a list of experiences for sparking creativity in my life. I selected experiences that were…

This is how you do Social, & Win!

How to make your social pages generate more context and create value for you and your end users.

Entrepreneurship Survival Guide

Thirty-one things I’ve learned so far

The idea for Mizzen+Main came to me nearly eight years ago.

Big Data Checklist

The Joel Test for big data.

I started with Big Data before the term was coined.

1 Simple Way We Boosted Team Morale

And it’s not Casual Friday. 

Next week my team and I are heading to Las Vegas to compete in Tech Cocktail Celebrate, which is a…

Building an Atom

Starting a company from scratch is full of important hiring decisions that must be made carefully and intuititively. While reading about atomic structure — its parts and…

Messaging and PR Lessons from NPR and the Nobel Prize in Medicine 

Message clarity and simplicity are some of the most fundamental, and often overlooked, tenets of good PR. The…

Bitcoins : First step towards Digital Economy! 

 World is moving towards the digitization of our economy!

Earlydays Guide: The Roadmap for First-Time Entrepreneurs

For entrepreneurs, there are two levels of management. At the high-level, you decide your objectives, set your time and money…

6 Ways to Weatherproof Your Business

I started a company with my best friend out of my 750 sq. ft. apartment several years ago and we bootstrapped it to what it is today: a rapidly growing 60+ person company, serving over 200 thousand customers in over 30 countries.

We have some amazing people that work at CanvasPop. From developers, to designers and marketers, we have…

Early Stage
Early Stage

Actionable startup advice

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