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The impact of mobile apps in business digitalization

Going digital has long stopped being a buzzword. In less than 30 years, half of the world population has become active internet users. It’s no wonder that discovering the planet or doing business at your fingertips is not a novelty but an everyday reality.

So, what does it mean to go digital for business?

Customer expectations on fast and flawless availability of services and products are a constant push for the increasing investment by businesses in digital initiatives. This basically means that every business needs to engage in the transformational steps to embrace new digital processes, starting from internal processes improving efficiency to more customer centric applications involving varied stakeholders.

In fact, mastering digitalization is about establishing an updated layer enabling future technology applications, in order to make the life of the enterprise more streamlined and introduce new quality of customer experience.

Business digitalization therefore delivers multiple benefits like reduced costs, increased security and improved productivity, to name a few. Among the whole vectors of digital transformation, we’ll touch upon two of the most transformational aspects of the digital environment: data centricity and enhanced availability powered by the mobile adoption.

In an information-driven world, it is data we keep in mind when thinking about digital trends. Making your data digital helps you build a better business, improving the data driven decision-taking, saving costs and time.

The world at your fingertips

Within the last ten years smartphones became ubiquitous in our daily lives. Without smartphones we would lose a convenient way to navigate, pay, communicate and even order transportation. According to BCG,[1] most of the data, internet included, is accessed by using a smartphone and wireless devices: communication, social media, business processes, personal data, tracking health, gaming and security surveillance.

With the rising importance of mobile devices, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to improve their employees and customers experience. Businesses can now reach final users anywhere using mobile apps. Customer service standards have increased a great deal thanks to mobile technology. So, when having enhanced customers experience in mind, businesses think mobility as a game-changer in every type of service.

The power of apps is hard to underestimate.

Faster, Simpler and Personalized Communication with the User. In particular, specific application apps with well-defined user journeys and user interfaces, undoubtedly successful with end consumers, are also gaining traction in the business to business environment, increasing user’s collaboration and efficiency.

Companies experience impressive benefits from the reduced feedback loops to the final customers, contrary to slow and inaccurate feedback methods of the past. In this way, a more agile development process can be embraced, where customers using application specific apps interact more often, provide immediate feedback, thus increasing the value of the relationship. Mobile applications can be an actual ingredient of bringing business and sales development strategy to the next quality level.

Earlybyte has worked in several projects involving the digitalization of the user experience via the development of application specific mobile apps, increasing the engagement and data collection of final users. In particular, in the enterprise and industrial environment with distributed devices throughout the globe, mobile apps enable the collection of local data and user preference at a scale while providing enhanced customer service of for example industrial machines. Thanks to the mobile native interfaces, the operators can always check the current state of its devices and perform quality management. A win-win situation, where enhanced performances are combined with increased analytics to reinforce new customer-centric developments.

Earlybyte is an IT consultancy firm specialized in developing new digital solutions for companies around the world from digitalization to IoT solutions, close to the client and its business embracing agility.



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