Four Use Cases for Carrot

Bobby Carrot
Oct 1 · 2 min read
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Since we launched Carrot’s alpha about 2 months ago, we’ve seen fantastic creativity for how different creators and brands are leveraging Carrot to reward their fans. We built Carrot to be a flexible platform for each creator to leverage in order to drive maximum value for their unique business or initiative. If you have an idea for how you’d like to use Carrot, let us know! Here’s an overview of some of the different ways Carrot’s being used today.

Grow Your Audience with Carrot

Likuid Gold is a newly launched CBD brand that wanted to grow it’s social audience and potential customer base on Instagram. They offered a reward of 80 cents through Carrot for people to follow their brand on Instagram and answer a few questions about what type of products these people were interested in. With Carrot, Liquid Gold was able to grow the Instagram following for their new page 5x in 2 weeks. Bitcoin Black Friday has also used Carrot to grow their YouTube subscribers and email newsletter.

Get Feedback from Your Users with Carrot wanted to collect some market research about what types of collectible investments their userbase was interested in. They used Carrot to reward users with 50 cents in Bitcoin for completing their short survey to gather info and were able to get 200 helpful responses in under a week.

Crowdsource Content with Carrot

Tap into the creativity of your users! Bitcoin Magazine hosted a meme contest through Carrot, requesting people to Tweet their best memes for the chance to win a $10 prize on Carrot. This contest generated over 50,000 impressions on Twitter with almost 100 memes submitted.

Support Open Source Development with Carrot

Pick your favorite open source software project and support it’s development using Carrot! Bitcoin Magazine chose to fund 5 new $500 grants toward contributions to the Bitcoin Core software on the Carrot platform, as decided by the project maintainers. After those contributions had been accepted in GitHub, Carrot distributed these grants to the new contributors in BTC.

If you think you have something valuable to contribute to the world, sign up for Carrot! If you’re a brand — a company, open source project, podcaster, content creator, etc. join the Carrot alpha program and post your first rewards today! Tap into the creativity of your loyal audience and reward them for supporting you. Join the Carrot waitlist at

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