Dave Grossman Joins [Earplay] as Chief Creative Officer to Focus on Interactive Audio as a New Storytelling Medium

Classic LucasArts Adventure Game Designer and Former Director of Design and Writing at Telltale Games Now Working on a Platform for Voice Operated Interactive Audio Entertainment

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3 min readNov 18, 2014


November 18, 2014 BOSTON, MA — Reactive Studios announces today that Dave Grossman will lead its content development efforts and provide creative direction as the company’s new Chief Creative Officer. Grossman left Telltale Games in August 2014 after a nine-year tenure, during which he assembled and directed the narrative team responsible for popular episodic video games such as The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Back to the Future, and Sam & Max titles.

“I’m looking forward to exploring the uncharted waters of interactive audio and establishing principles for a new storytelling medium,” said Grossman. “The narrative design challenges are unique and intriguing, and there’s a lot of fun to be had here, for me and the audience both.”

In his new position, Grossman will work on a platform for voice operated interactive audio dramas. Reactive Studios is a mobile developer of titles that feature speech recognition as a control input for a responsive story comprised of dialogue performance, sound effects, and music. After a successful Kickstarter, the studio’s pilot project Codename Cygnus was released on iOS in August of 2013, receiving critical attention and honors for its innovative approach.

“Over the past year we have developed a new system for the rapid creation and episodic distribution of interactive audio stories,” said Jonathon Myers, CEO of Reactive Studios. “Dave is both an interactive narrative design veteran and a pioneer of episodic story release cycles in the video game industry. He’s the perfect person to embrace our technology and take charge of the creative and content aspects of our pipeline.”

This announcement comes at the end of a growth phase for the company involving newly acquired engineering talent. Assembled by co-founder Bruno Batarelo, the Reactive Studios core technology team is based out of Split, Croatia.

Press seeking an interview should send an email to press@reactivestudios.net

Codename Cygnus Website: http://codenamecygnus.com

Download Codename Cygnus Free on iOS: http://bit.ly/DownloadCygnus

Download Codename Cygnus Free on Google Play: http://bit.ly/CygnusAndroid

Codename Cygnus Press Kit, Trailers and Assets: http://press.codenamecygnus.com

About David Grossman

Dave is a preeminent author and editor of interactive entertainment whose narrative design sensibilities grace a portfolio of critically acclaimed works covering the last twenty-five years. Beginning his career at the fledgling LucasArts Entertainment Company, Dave lent his unique voice and characteristic wit to classic adventure game titles such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. He has helped to grow two studios by an order of magnitude, and in 2009 was named to IGN’s list of the top 100 game creators of all time.

About Reactive Studios

Reactive Studios is a mobile developer whose mission is to reinvent digital audio entertainment with a platform for voice operated interactive story experiences. We deliver strong immersion and engagement by leveraging speech recognition input as a control for reactive narrative, dialogue performance, sound effects, and music.

About Codename Cygnus

Codename Cygnus is a voice operated interactive audio drama inspired by old time radio serials. Players take on the role of a secret agent in an interactive spy thriller story using speech input for progression. The Codename Cygnus experience features high quality episodic audio content with voice acting, sound effects, and music.




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