Review Roll-Call Round Three, FIGHT!

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4 min readDec 22, 2016


Hello again, Earplayers! It’s about time for another check-in with our reviewers. We would be writing up a Naughty and Nice list, but the Naughty list would have been totally empty. On both Alexa and iOS, there’s seems to be an overabundance of cheer and goodwill! Let’s line up some reviews from both platforms, and see if there isn’t some secretive Scroogeyness going on.

To start, we would say that we don’t want to toot our own horn… but we really are proud to be the first of our kind on the Alexa platform, and a one-of-a-kind experience for fans of good storytelling. With our newest build, we’re available to Alexa users in the UK, and we’ve been working hard with Amazon to fix any bumps with the Alexa API so you can enjoy your Earplays uninterrupted. There are perks to being early!


People are drawn to Earplay for the same reasons we were drawn to making them! In his intro blog post, our executive producer Eddy talks about growing up with radio dramas and detective stories like Sherlock Holmes — exactly what Nunley mentions here!


We are, of course, always working on getting better and better for our fans. We’re no longer a one-platform kinda app, as it’s been just over a month since our release on the iOS app store. And right from the start, our response from iPhone users was just as enthusiastic as those on Alexa!


After a wonderful reception by White Wolf at the Grand Masquerade, we were so excited to finally get the Orpheus Device experience out to the general public. It’s exclusive to the iOS Earplay platform! If you want your fix of spooky before the full Wraith story is released next year, take our friend Grant’s advice:


We love when fans let us know how the unique Earplay interface — hands-free and eyes-free — makes their lives easier. One Chic mom goes cross-platform with her iPhone and Dot so she can be entertained even while taking care of an infant!


We’re also totally amazed by the response we’ve gotten from the blind and visually-impaired community — they let us know that our interface works great with Apple’s VoiceOver, and one happy parent with an Alexa device shared the joy of Earplay with their daughter!


After all, not a Scrooge in sight. Well, reviewers… Whether you came to us from Alexa or iOS, we’re really glad you’re here. We think there’s something very special about pushing the envelope on entertainment, and it’s folks like you, who are always ready to try something new and exciting, that help a medium in infancy become a full-blown art form.

As we roll into 2017, our cross-country team will be working around the clock to expand our library of stories. We hope you talk to us as much as you talk back to our characters, and get a great conversation started on the emerging audio revolution. With fans like ours, we’re sure it’s going to be an extraordinary adventure.

Happy holiday season, and the warmest of wishes, from your ever-attentive Earplay team.