Poor Earth Needs Our Help

Hello… I am sorry for stopping writing posts…

The pollution is now more dangerous than ever. And that the new year had arrived, we have to work faster. And… harder.

Plastic, Pollution, Water are all problems needed to be solved. Please comment me for suggestions.

Also poor animals are also suffering. See this poor seal. It is not animals fault. Our fault. Yes our fault. Why? How do you ask why?! Have your forgot we are burning, bringing poisonous air to living beings?! To pets, to plants, to trees, to animals, to, to, us! We are harming ourselves and and the future, our next generations our kids, and after all, this power, this coal, will finish. Coal and petrol are not unlimited. You understand? Not unlimited! We are harming ourselves. And hurting everyone.I am not telling you stop using power. Use power… Like Sun Power. Like wind power… These will never end. This is the fault of who are throwing garbage, bathing, and washing dishes in rivers, ponds, and lakes. Water is not unlimited. Air is only available in this planet! So we have to keep it as much save and clean for as long as possible. Yes I know what Nasa said, but I am not going to leave this planet. No matter what!

*Thanks for Sebastian Jones for correcting me