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🌍 Building the Earth Fund dApp

A decentralized approach to product design

How we’re making sure the Earth Fund community is involved every step of the way

👋 We’re Earth Fund, the decentralized community using blockchain to change the way we tackle some of humanity’s biggest problems.

Hey Earthlings 🌍

From Day 1, Earth Fund has always been about decentralization.

More specifically, we’ve always been building Earth Fund as something that belongs to you.

It’s not about 1Earth going to the moon. (Although, that will be nice for all of our supporters.)

It’s not about building a dApp simply so that it can cross over into mainstream use. (Although, that will be really nice too.)

It’s about making sure everything we do gives you more power and more of a voice in your future than you’ve ever had before.

So the dApp will give you more power over how we tackle humanity’s biggest challenges.

It will give you control over how involved you are with Earth Fund, from getting involved in discussions and Big Picture thinking or helping to govern a community dedicated to a cause.

And it will let people around the world come together to fight climate change, inequality, poverty, injustice, and any other worthy cause as a collective with real, meaningful power.

And so, it’s only right that as we build the Earth Fund dApp, we include you every step of the way.

We want the Earth Fund community to be as involved in the project as we are.

We’ll be honest: we don’t know exactly what this will look like yet.

We’re working with our design partners UI8 to make sure that you have regular updates and a voice in what we’re building, but it’s complex.

If you’ve ever worked in a creative industry, you’ll know that creativity is rarely linear and is often rather messy, and we don’t want UI8 to feel bound by what they’ve already shown if they have a moment of genius.

We’re figuring it out, but there’s no rulebook here.

As far as we know, no project has ever been built and designed in public like this before.

(If you know a company that has, please hit us up!)

But we want you to be involved, every step of the way, so we’re doing all we can to loop you in.

In some cases it might be…

🌍 A live preview of the designs that you can look around yourself. (👀 check out the bottom of this article.)

🌍 A low-fidelity prototype that you can interact with and try out.

🌍 Screenshots of the latest screens, UI and UX for your thoughts.

🌍 A Loom video from our team explaining the journey and the decisions made.

🌍 A cool screenshot that we can’t wait to share with you.

🌍 A wireframe of a page that we’re working on. (A wireframe is like the skeleton of a page, it shows you what the page will do/look like from a very high level. Sections, buttons, actions, etc…)

🌍 A video call with Alex (or an Earth Fund TV) showing you progress made and asking for feedback.

And we want your thoughts, feedback, and insights every step of the way

Like we said, we’re building this for you.

If you find the journey/UX confusing, tell us.

If you’re still confused about the difference between a cause and a project, tell us.

If you think GoFundMe or Kickstarter or any other platform is doing something that we should implement, tell us.

Our team is building this for the next year, then we’re stepping away and giving it to you.

And so, when we do step away, we want you to have everything you need to make a real difference to the world.

Your voice has never been more important. You can shape this platform into the tool you need to really make a difference.

Got an idea? Hit us up in Telegram or on Discord or drop us a DM if you have any ideas on the Earth Fund dApp.

We can’t wait to hear them.

(Equally, if you’re psyched by what UI8 is doing — and we’re pretty damn confident you will be — feel free to spread the news far and wide!)

Watch the dApp develop in real-time.

You’ll be able to watch the dApp develop in real-time as UI8 add new features, come up with new ideas and turn the idea for Earth Fund — a platform that gives you power over your future — into a reality.

Check it out 👇

This is Figma, the design tool UI8 and our team use. If you click the expand button, you’ll be able to zoom in and look around.

This planet we live on — our home — is quite literally on fire. Grab a bucket. Make a difference.

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