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🌍Behind the scenes at Earth Fund

CNBC anchor Jon Najarian joins Earth Fund DAO advisory council

This is BIG news.

👋 We’re Earth Fund DAO, the decentralized community using blockchain to change the way we tackle some of humanity’s biggest problems.

Hey Earthlings 🌍

Announcements don’t get bigger than this! 🚀

We’ve talked a lot about the people working behind the scenes here at Earth Fund.

We’ve got a team of people that have worked for companies like Red Bull, Facebook and Microsoft, we’ve got social media experts, we’ve got a doctor of climate science

And this week, our all-stars just added a new player:

We’re super excited to announce that Jon Najarian has joined the Earth Fund DAO Advisory Council as advisor and investor. 🚀

Meet Jon Najarian, our newest investor and advisor

👆 Here’s Jon doing his thing on CNBC. Now he’s helping Earth Fund DAO 🤯

Former Chicago Bears linebacker. Founder of Mercury Trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Author of 4 best-selling books on investing. A regular on the investing and crypto circuits. One of CNBC’s most popular contributors…

It’s not hard to see why we’re so excited to have Jon on our side, helping us continue building the Earth Fund DAO into the huge, planet-saving project we know it will be.

And the feeling is mutual. Here’s what Jon had to say about getting involved with the Earth Fund DAO:

“I’ve spent a lot of time in crypto and DeFi in recent years, including the exciting development of DAOs.

Earth Fund DAO stood out from the crowd, with an impressive team and even more impressive mission — harnessing the power of decentralized autonomous blockchain-powered enterprises to support DAO-selected projects that are poised to affect real change.’

See Jon demonstrating his crypto knowledge 👇

There are some 🔥 tips in here for investing in crypto, so grab a drink, get comfortable, then hit play.

This is just the beginning…

In the next few weeks, we’re going to have announcements on…

📈 Another investor and advisor (who you may also recognize)

⭐ Another exciting partnership for the Earth Fund DAO

🌍 More details on the DAO (including launch date and a sneak peek at the features)

🚀 The final details about the staking platform (including the APY)

And a few other announcements in the pipeline that we can’t say anything about just yet.

Watch this space. We’re building something BIG.

This planet we live on — our home — is quite literally on fire. Grab a bucket. Make a difference.

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