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Earth Fund DAO doubles the impact of its first planet-saving project

👋 We’re Earth Fund, the decentralized community using blockchain to fight climate change and make the world a better place.

We’re super excited to say that we’ve just doubled the impact of Oco Crew, a group working with carbon capture projects around the world to remove carbon from the atmosphere and reverse mankind’s effect on the planet.

Why did we choose Oco Crew to get the first Earth Fund grant?

Well, here’s Alex V, the man you’ve probably seen popping up on YouTube every day, with some insight:

“We chose this cause because they’re already doing good work to capture carbon around the world, from the Amazon rainforest to right here in the USA.

As we grow, our goal is to let our community use the Earth Fund treasury to fund thousands more causes like Oco Crew that are making an important positive impact around the world.”

Why did we launch Earth Fund?

We’ve written a long post about why we think it’s time to decentralize the response to climate change that you can check out:

But here’s the TLDR:

The planet’s warming up, eco-anxiety is on the rise and what are some of our richest and best minds doing? Spending billions on one-upmanship, vanity trips to space or green-washing photo opportunities.

So we thought, what if we take that idea of a huge treasury and let people from around the world work together to work out the best way to spend it on fixing the planet?

That’s what Earth Fund is, and it’s why we’re super excited to have already helped Oco Crew remove another 1.7 million lbs of carbon from the atmosphere and make the world a better place.

Want to find out more? Say hello to Ben, Oco Crews’ founder 👋

Let’s change the world, together. Join us!

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Earth Fund is a global community of people working together to find and fund world-changing projects around the world. earthfund.io

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🌍 EarthFund

🌍 EarthFund

Decentralizing crowdfunding to give you a real voice in your future. Join us 👉 https://discord.gg/earthfund

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