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🌍 EarthFund DAO votes

EarthFund DAO unanimously votes to push back vesting schedule for team and private investors

The EarthFund DAO passes a show of faith vote in the EarthFund platform

👋 We’re EarthFund, the decentralized community using blockchain to change the way we tackle some of humanity’s biggest problems.

Hello and happy new year, Earthlings!

We have some exciting news: EarthFund DAO just unanimously passed its first vote (🌍EFP-1:change to token vesting contract) to push back the vesting schedule of the investor and team tokens so that they begin to vest on 11/22/2022, 7 months after the original commencement date. 🙌

A huge show of faith in what we’re building

100% yes vote 🙌

This vote passing unanimously isn’t just a huge show of faith from our investors and our team in the product we’re building, it’s a great example of why DAOs are the future: putting this decision up for a vote allowed us to quickly take decisive action that adds real value to the project and improves the opportunity for all of our investors.

A better model for team and investor tokens

Rather than the analog approach of having the team and private sale tokens vest on a linear schedule, this vote allows us to take a radically different approach that protects the value of the 1Earth token for our investors.

To do this, we’re exchanging all team and private sale tokens for a newly created liquidity token. This token will pool all tokens together and use an algorithm to slowly liquidate them in a way that is intended to have the least impact on the market, continuing to ensure the success of the project.

This could take several years to accomplish, but the managers and early investors alike are committed to EarthFund for the long term.

Setting us up for an exciting year

“We couldn’t be happier the investors voted unanimously to extend the vesting schedule for their tokens. It’s a huge display of faith in the product, what we’re building and the team behind EarthFund. Better still, it gives us a clear runway to start pushing out the platform in the coming months and letting people use EarthFund to start making the world a better place.”

Alex V, Community Lead at EarthFund

The unanimous vote has allowed us to focus all of our efforts on building and launching the EarthFund platform and exploring exciting new partnerships and opportunities, like:

🔥 Launching our staking platform with high-yield rewards

🚀 Working closely with KuCoin on some joint marketing efforts

👀 Speaking to other markets and platforms to expand the trading opportunities of 1Earth

⭐ Having discussions and building relationships with influential and aligned people and groups to expand on our current alliances for future EarthFund projects and opportunities

🌍 Preparing to announce the launch date of the EarthFund platform in the coming months

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for another big announcement. We can’t say much, but here’s a clue…

It might rhyme with: Worth shunned twisted Ron new floor mop den flex ranges.


New to EarthFund? Here’s everything you need to know

EarthFund is a DAO-controlled crowdfunding platform for projects and ideas that can reverse mankind’s impact on the world and build a better tomorrow.

It’s being built to give everybody a meaningful voice in the shape of our collective future and a chance to get involved with communities (which function as subDAOs) dedicated to the causes they’re passionate about, whether that’s carbon capture technology or social equity initiatives.

Decentralized and autonomous, but with all the user-friendly features of Web2.0, EarthFund will be a platform designed for mass adoption.

You’ll be able to join communities for causes you’re passionate about, crowdfund, and vote as a collective on which world-changing projects get the funding they need to make a difference.

Powering it all is the 1Earth token, an ERC-20 token that can be staked in exchange for governance tokens that give you a voice on the platform.

By buying the token and joining the EarthFund DAO, anybody in the world will have a vote on how the EarthFund treasury is used to fund planet-saving projects around the world.


We’re building a better world, together. Come join us.

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