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Everything you need to know about EarthFund

Meet the decentralized platform for you to start or join world-changing communities and fund world-changing projects

EarthFund is using crypto and the blockchain to help you make the world a better place 🌎

Let’s not sugarcoat it; the world needs our help. Climate change, societal inequality, poverty, endangered wildlife, a global mental health crisis…

Every day we get new updates and statistics that make it clear that we’ve all got work to do to build a brighter future for everyone.

It’s no surprise most of us feel powerless.

Sure we can recycle, adopt a planet-friendly diet and donate to causes we believe in.

But as one person, we can only do so much.

And even when we can do something — like donating to charity — how do we know where it goes? The average American donates $737 a year, but how do we know how much of our donations are making an impact on the ground?

EarthFund is here to change all that.

EarthFund takes the power of centralized organizations like governments and global charities and gives it to communities dedicated to causes.

It allows everyday people like you to affect change. And using crypto and the blockchain, it lets you have a voice in decisions and fund the causes you believe in.

It lets you actually help make the world a better place.

Changing crowdfunding for good ✊

EarthFund is a crowdfunding platform that decentralizes power from governments and organizations and gives it to global communities that can make real change happen.

It’s creating a democratic way to fund causes by giving power back to you. And because every cause on the platform is a DAO and uses smart contracts, you’ll have complete transparency and accountability.

But if you’re new to crypto, that probably means nothing to you. So here’s what that means in plain English 👇

In short, it’s a platform that brings together like-minded folk dedicated to a single cause and gives everyone a voice. It’s a bit like Kickstarter but without the centralized control and fees deducted from cause funds.

It gives you a voice in decisions and a chance to vote for the causes close to your heart. It lets you support a project and know exactly how decisions are made, and funding is spent.

It means you can make a difference.

Making DAOs accessible for cause founders, donors and users 🤝

EarthFund makes every level of crowdfunding easily accessible. So however you’re looking to get involved, you can do it without having to spend hours learning terminology or frantically Googling how to set up complicated Web3.0 tools.

Taking the hassle out of DAO setup for cause founders

With a DAO, there’s no need for a centralized organization or hierarchy; instead, decisions are made by entirely by the community.

This structure has a lot of benefits, but it also comes with some challenges, especially when it comes to setting up a DAO for the first time.

DAOs are still a relatively new concept, which means there’s not a lot of easy-to-follow guidance out there. In fact, a lot of it is quite the opposite.

DAOs are powered by code, so anyone who wants to set one up from scratch needs to have coding skills or hire somebody who does. As a result, setting up a DAO can be a daunting and expensive task for people who want to help make the world a better place.

EarthFund solves this problem by offering cause founders a way to create a DAO as simply as possible.

No need to worry about coding, smart contracts, compliance or the cost of setup… instead, you choose a cause close to your heart and EarthFund handles the rest. You’ll get your own:

  • ERC-20 governance token pegged to 1Earth that can be traded on exchanges
  • Audited ERC-20 smart contract
  • Gnosis multi-sig wallet
  • Snapshot governance system for gasless voting
  • Manifesto and vision
  • ENS subdomain
  • Subdomain on the EarthFund platform
  • Crypto donation page

In many ways, EarthFund is the Shopify of DAOs.

Say you’ve decided you need to create a new website but have no experience coding one; you’re going to use Shopify or Squarespace. Website-building platforms put everything in place for you to do what you need but without any of the hassle — and that’s what EarthFund does for you.

EarthFund lets you set up your own world-changing DAO in just a few clicks.

Making your crypto contributions count 💸

Wouldn’t it be nice if your donations actually went to doing some good?

But most of the time that’s not the case. Traditional donation methods are hampered by the size of organizations, running costs, and their CEO’s paychecks.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that when you donate to a charity, it’s going to a good cause.

But anywhere from 13% to 74% of your donation can be lost on overhead.

Earthfund changes all of that.

The platform ensures that the project or cause gets the exact amount it needs and only charges a transparent 3% platform fee on top.

That doesn’t mean that if your cause needs $100k it only gets $97k like it would with traditional crowdfunding platforms. The 3% fee is on top of the grant amount, so the DAO needs to raise $103K to fund the project.

The 3% goes to keeping the platform running to ensure more projects get funding.

Compare that with traditional donating methods. If you donate to a traditional charity, your donation of $100k would covert to anywhere between $26k and $87k actually going to the cause.

On the EarthFund platform, we’ve flipped that script so that almost everything you donate goes straight to making the world a better place.

On top of that, causes — AKA groups of like-minded people who hold the governance tokens — can set up causenomics to reward the community members who vote and take part in USDT. (But more on that later.)

Making crypto accessible for everyone 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

Tokens, smart contracts, gas fees, blockchain… there’s a lot of jargon around cryptocurrencies and DAOs that makes it intimidating for people to consider using them.

And the terminology is just the first stumbling block for most users.

There’s no easy path to get involved for anybody interested in DAOs set up for good causes.

Sure, there’s a ton of information out there. But let’s be honest, just as you think you’ve got it nailed, something new crops up.

DAOs are designed to take decision-making power from the hands of the few and give everybody a voice. But with the number of entry barriers for users, DAOs could easily just be taking control from the hands of traditional, centralized entities and giving it to a new tech-savvy minority instead.

DAOs and crypto crowdfunding need to be easily accessible for everybody, and that’s where EarthFund comes in.

EarthFund strips DAOs of their complexity, removes all barriers to entry and makes them accessible for everyone.

It makes it as simple as possible for anybody to join a community dedicated to causes they’re passionate about, start funds for projects and vote on the projects to get funding.

Plus, it gives them the chance to get rewarded in crypto for fighting for change.

Giving everybody a voice 📣

By making DAOs accessible, we’re giving everybody a voice.

You’ll no longer have to hope that your donations are going to a good cause because you’ll have a vote in the projects they go to.

You’ll no longer have to worry that decisions are being made for individual benefit as you’ll be able to see everything that happens with the transparency of the DAO.

You’ll no longer feel powerless in the fight to make the world a better place as you’ll be playing an active role in finding and funding the causes that mean the most to you.

You’ll be doing something to help the world.

And you’ll be rewarded for doing your bit.

Rewarding you for making a difference 💰

Every time you vote or make a proposal on the platform, you’re making the world a better place, so we think it’s only fair that you get rewarded for that.

So, every time a fund pays all of its grants out to projects, you and everybody else who voted get a share of the community rewards.

Each community gets to decide its own rewards — we call this causenomics — but let’s say you’re part of a community that has cause rewards of 7% and has just funded a grant for $100,000.

As part of the fundraising, your cause will have raised $107,000 and that remaining $7K will be divided up among the voters.

All you need to do is go to the EarthFund dashboard, hit “Claim rewards” and your share will be sent to your wallet in USDT. Voila!

New to EarthFund? Here’s everything you need to know 👇

Start a world-changing DAO with its own token.
Join a community of like-minded people.
Donate crypto to change the world.

All from one place.

EarthFund takes power from centralized organizations like governments and global charities and gives it to communities dedicated to causes.

It allows everyday people like you to affect change. And using crypto and the blockchain, it lets you have a voice in decisions and fund the causes you believe in.

Powering it all is the 1Earth token, an ERC-20 token that can be staked in exchange for governance tokens that give you a voice on the platform.

By buying the token and joining the EarthFund DAO, anybody in the world will have a vote on how the EarthFund treasury is used to fund planet-saving projects around the world.


We’re building a better world, together. Come join us.

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