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🚀 Learn about the 1Earth token

Just hearing about 1Earth? Here’s everything you need to know.

A super-short rundown of the new planet-saving crypto token.

👋 We’re Earth Fund, the decentralized community using blockchain to fight climate change and make the world a better place.

What is the 1Earth token?

1Earth is an ERC-20 governance token that gives stakers a voice and a vote in the Earth Fund DAO.

(ELI5: a governance token is a crypto token that gives you a vote on decisions made in an online community. In our case, you get a vote on how Earth Fund helps tackle the climate crisis.)

Where can I buy 1Earth?

You can buy 1Earth on KuCoin from 11:00 UTC on 19 November 2021. 💥

Where can I read the whitepaper and investor deck?

📜 You can read our whitepaper here.

📈 You can read our investor deck here.

And there’s tonnes of other information on earthfund.io too.

What’s the use case?

Right now, the fate and funding of potentially world-changing ideas are decided by governments and billionaires behind closed doors.

And quite simply, they’re not doing even close to enough.

So we thought we’d seize and decentralize the power and influence that billionaires and governments have and give it to you, so you can have a real say in the shape of your future:

To do this, we’re…

🌍 building the Earth Fund DAO for a global community to vote and decide how to save the planet

🌍 launching 1Earth, the ERC-20 token that lets you join the DAO and have a real say on how we tackle climate change

🌍 filling the Earth Fund Foundation treasury to fund planet-saving projects

And, of course, because it’s built on the blockchain, everything we do is completely democratic and transparent.

What is the Earth Fund DAO?

The Earth Fund DAO is a decentralized, online community that can collaborate, discuss and vote on how to use the Earth Fund treasury.

In fact, within the DAO, you’ll be able to:

🌍 Discuss and have a say on everything
🌍 Suggest projects for planet-saving Earth Fund grants
🌍 Join communities with budgets dedicated to funding climate projects you’re passionate about (including green tech, carbon capture, society and inequality and public health)
🌍 Vote on changes to the way Earth Fund operates
🌍 Decide how the treasury is used to save the world
🌍 Vote on everything Earth Fund does
🌍 Grow your reputation in the community

Want to find out more? 👇

Read our whitepaper

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