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🌍 Earth Fund 101

Don’t have time to read our whitepaper? Read this instead.

👋 We’re Earth Fund, the decentralized community using blockchain to fight climate change and make the world a better place.

New to crypto? In a hurry? Here’s everything you need to know about Earth Fund, 1Earth and how you can get involved with making the planet a better place.

What is Earth Fund? 🌍
What is Earth Fund’s use case?
What is 1Earth? 🚀
What is the Earth Fund DAO? 🤝
What is the Earth Fund Foundation? 💰
How does Earth Fund make money? 🏧
How does Earth Fund fund projects? 💸
How is the DAO structured? 🤝
What are Earth Fund causes? 🌳
How did you choose these causes? 💡
Will you reward DAO contributors? 🙏
How long will the Earth Fund team be involved? 👨‍💼
Have the team been part of other projects in the crypto/eco space? 🤘

What is Earth Fund? 🌍

Earth Fund is a planet-saving project that uses crypto tokens and
blockchain technology to give ordinary people — just like you — a voice in your future and a say in what projects get the funding they need to fight climate change and make the world a better place.

What is Earth Fund’s use case?

Right now, the fate and funding of potentially world-changing ideas are decided by governments and billionaires behind closed doors.

And quite simply, they’re not doing even close to enough.

So we thought we’d seize and decentralize the power and influence that billionaires and governments have and give it to you, so you can have a real say in the shape of your future.

This involves:

🌍 Building the Earth Fund DAO for a global community to vote and decide how to save the planet

🌍 Launching 1Earth, the ERC-20 token that lets people join the DAO

🌍 Filling the Earth Fund Foundation treasury to fund planet-saving projects

And, of course, because it’s built on the blockchain, everything we do is completely democratic and transparent.

Here’s a much more in-depth post on our mission and why we got started 👇

What is 1Earth? 🚀

In technical language, 1EARTH is an ERC-20 governance token that gives stakers a voice and a vote in the Earth Fund DAO.

Or, in other words, 1Earth is a crypto token that lets you vote and have a voice in the Earth Fund DAO.

What is the Earth Fund DAO? 🤝

The Earth Fund DAO is a decentralized, online community that can collaborate, discuss and vote on how to use the Earth Fund treasury.

In fact, within the DAO, you’ll be able to:

🌍 Discuss and have a say on everything
🌍 Suggest projects for planet-saving Earth Fund grants
🌍 Join communities with budgets dedicated to funding climate projects you’re passionate about (including green tech, carbon capture, society and inequality and public health)
🌍 Vote on changes to the way Earth Fund operates
🌍 Decide how the treasury is used to save the world
🌍 Vote on everything Earth Fund does
🌍 Grow your reputation in the community

What is the Earth Fund Foundation? 💰

The Earth Fund Foundation is a DAO-operated treasury for funding big ideas that could change the world.

(We’re also investigating making it a legally-registered 501(c)3 non-profit, which would mean all crypto contributions are tax-deductible to US residents. But that’s something for the DAO to vote on down the line.)

How does Earth Fund make money? 🏧

Every crypto contribution made to any Earth Fund cause or the Earth Fund Foundation will be subject to a 5% fee.

However, almost all of this fee will go back to the causes or the community in the form of funding or rewards:

🌍 95% goes to a cause-specific wallet
🌍 2% goes to Earth Fund DAO LLC to manage and improve the protocol
🌍 2% goes to the cause-specific community as rewards and payments
🌍 1% goes directly to the Earth Fund Foundation treasury to fund projects

How does Earth Fund fund projects? 💸

At launch, we’ll set aside 15% of all Earth Fund tokens (150,000,000 tokens) to make up the treasury.

We’ll also add all crypto contributions and any liquidity pool rewards to the treasury too.

Our goal is to build a treasury to rival the big, billionaire-run funds and give you, the people, the power to affect real change around the world.

How is the DAO structured? 🤝

Earth Fund will be divided up into the main Earth Fund DAO (which controls the high-level operations) and cause-specific communities.

These smaller communities will decide what projects get funding to help make the world a better place, while the Earth Fund DAO will control the high level operations (like how Earth Fund operates, commercial partnerships, team members, etc.

👆 Here’s a quick idea of how the DAO will work.

What are Earth Fund causes? 🌳

We’ve chosen to set up these five cause-specific communities before launch because they represent five big ways we believe you can have a real and meaningful impact on the planet:

🍃 Carbon capture: scientists agree that carbon capture is one of the simplest ways to rewind humanity’s effect on the planet. Join this community and help fund projects that will set the clock back.

🌲 Green technology: meat alternatives, scalable green energy, living architecture… this community is for finding and funding the cool, sci-fi sounding innovation that makes our existence more sustainable.

👪 Society and inequality: climate change isn’t the only global problem. Join this community to help fund projects looking to level the global playing field, from getting more women into science to getting internet to remote communities.

🐼 Ecosystems and conservation: we’re on the path for ecological collapse. Help fund projects that will help reverse the effects of biodiversity loss and keep our planet healthy.

🏥 Disease and public health: as the planet warms up, new healthcare challenges will arise. Join a community dedicated to researching new medicines, eradicating disease and preparing for the future.

How did you choose these causes? 💡

We chose them after reading and reviewing everything we could get our hands on, consulting with our resident climate scientist, looking at global movements to just asking ourselves as a team “what could we fund to make the world a better place?”

But the thing is: not everybody on the team agrees with every community.

Some think we should focus more on tech-focused approaches, others think we should be focusing more on smaller, more human issues.

And that’s fine.

In fact, we think it’s great.

With a goal like saving the planet, we’re all going to disagree every now and again.

But if we form small groups of dedicated individuals working on different goals and beliefs but pulling in the same direction, we’ll make the world a better place.

It’s like anthropologist Margaret Mead says: “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

With Earth Fund, we’re uniting those small groups under the banner
of a collective goal: saving the planet we all call home.

Will you reward DAO contributors? 🙏

Hell yes. Our DAO is the beating heart of what we’re doing. And without people getting involved, we’ll never make the kind of impact we need to.

When you join the Earth Fund DAO and get involved, you’re helping to save the world.

We think it’s only right you get rewarded for that.

That’s why 2% of every contribution (plus some of the treasury) gets put aside to reward active contributors in the Earth Fund DAO.

How long will the Earth Fund team be involved? 👨‍💼

We’ve always seen Earth Fund as a completely decentralized, autonomous organization run by a global community.

However, to set it up for success, the team will stay involved for the first 50 weeks, setting up strategic partnerships with projects, DAOs and other organizations that will help Earth Fund grow in the long term.

(We’ll also be fully building out all the functionality, infrastructure and organization it needs to succeed.)

Then, after 50 weeks, we’ll step away completely, handing complete control over to the DAO.

(That’s when our Founders’ tokens vest too, so we’ll just become regular members of the community.)

Have the team been part of other projects in the crypto/eco space? 🤘

Oh yeah, 100%. Our founder basically put together the Avengers to build this project.

We’ve got team members that have worked on everything from DeFi exchanges to Facebook’s Diem project to innovative SPAC investment deals.

On the eco-and-giving side, we’ve got team members who have done everything from helping launch a fintech eco solution (a card that plants trees every time you spend) to growing a leading green energy company to running a charity campaign that raised $16m in 72 hours.

On top of that, we’ve got a resident climate scientist making sure we’re always following the science.

Setting up like this gives Earth Fund the chance to become the platonic ideal for how we can work together to fight climate change: follow the science, vote transparently and democratically, prevent any outside influence, and fund the worthiest projects that can make the biggest impact.

Sound good? Come join us! 👇

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