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The EarthFund platform

Building a platform that gives you a voice for a better tomorrow

A quick update on what we’re building as we head into 2022

👋 We’re EarthFund, the decentralized community using blockchain to change the way we tackle some of humanity’s biggest problems.

Hey Earthlings! 🌍

Wow. What a year it has been.

5 months ago, in July 2021, a few of us had a Zoom call to discuss “how can we use the blockchain to tackle some of humanity’s biggest problems?”.

The solution — after weeks of discussion — was a decentralized platform that combined the very best aspects of crowdfunding and DAOs with the usability and accessibility of Web2.0’s biggest success stories (with none of the creepy, snoopy stuff).

Fast forward to now — through an exclusive launch on a Top 5 crypto exchange, partnering up with some pretty impressive people, hiring a climate scientist, removing 1.7M lbs of carbon from the atmosphere as a pilot scheme — and that vision is starting to become a reality.

And as an early Christmas present to our community, here are a few sneak peeks on our progress 👇

(Shout out to the UI8 team for being 🔥. This — plus a staggering amount of wireframes, journeys, mockups and graphics — is what they’ve achieved in just two weeks. They’re unreal.)

Our mission: to build an easy-to-use blockchain platform that helps you make the world a better place.

To make a real impact, we need to take Earth Fund to people outside of the crypto community.

Our UX and design need to be intuitive to allow passionate people around the world to get involved with Earth Fund, regardless of their experience with DAOs or crypto.

It needs to be so simple and easy to use that your Facebook-using Grandmother can log in and donate to causes if she wants to.

That means one platform that lets you:

  • Sign up with an email address and get started
  • Donate to causes you care about, from carbon capture to inequality
  • Join communities dedicated to causes you care about
  • Play an active role in community and organization
  • Apply for funding for projects you support
  • Chat and communicate with other Earthlings
  • Hold votes and discussions on what projects to support
  • Crowdfund your budgets through crypto donations
  • Buy 1Earth tokens without leaving the site
  • Stake your 1Earth tokens to get a governance token and earn a yield (staking announcement coming soon)
  • Use an integrated 1Earth wallet to store your 1Earth tokens
  • Get notifications for important things like votes or new applications
  • Vet applications for funding from causes around the world

Sneak peek #1: the cause pages

Want to help fund carbon capture and fight climate change? Support mental health initiatives around the world? Start a cause to push for equality?

However you want to make the world a better place, there will be space for you on EarthFund.

Each cause will have its own dedicated landing page that shows everything from how to get involved to what projects have been funded to the team behind the cause.

Check it out 👇

Extra Christmas bonus: here’s some live footage of the EarthFund team seeing that screen for the first time 👇

Sneak peek #2: the cause archive page

EarthFund isn’t just about fundraising to save the world. In fact, it’s not really about that at all.

At its core, EarthFund is about bringing people from around the world together to tackle some of humanity’s biggest problems.

And that can only happen if it’s super simple to find causes that speak to you on that “I need to get involved now” level.

Luckily, UI8 are on the case, building a page that makes it clean and easy to find causes and projects that really strike a chord with you.

Here’s the EarthFund cause hub:

… and here’s our reaction to that screen 👇

Stick around for more updates!

From Day One, making an accessible platform was our biggest goal. Crypto and blockchain have done so much good, but they’re still too closed off, too insular…

We want to make the transformative power of crypto, blockchain and DAOs available the world and, in the process, give them the power to really make a difference.

And the only way we can do that is to make sure we balance decentralization with UI. (That’s why we’ve paired Upstate Interactive, experts in all things DAO, decentralization and blockchain with UI8, experts in all things crypto and UI.)

As we get nearer to Christmas and the new year, we’re going to be sharing even more screenshots and information on what we’ve designed, built, and planned so far.

(Things like profile pages, early drafts of the EarthFund DAO UI, sketches of how easy it’ll be to buy 1Earth directly from the website…)

So keep ’em peeled 👀

This planet we live on — our home — is quite literally on fire. Grab a bucket. Join us.

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