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Right here, right DAO: why the world needs a decentralized answer to climate change

Photo by Magdalena Kula Manchee on Unsplash

👋 We’re Earth Fund, the decentralized community using blockchain to fight climate change and make the world a better place.

Let’s be honest, the planet, unless something really, incredibly drastic happens, is pretty much screwed.

That’s what the IPCC says. That’s what The Climate Group says. It’s even what JP Morgan — a bank fuelled by investing millions and millions of dollars into the burning of fossil fuels — says about the future of the planet.

But what’s happening around the world to fight it?

Politicians are flying private jets to take photos and set meaningless carbon-neutral (note: not carbon positive) targets that kick the can down the road.

Billionaires are racing to space while the world beneath them burns.

And, predictably, the oil industry — given a helping hand by Facebook’s algorithm — is spending the money they make from killing the planet on convincing us that the burning planet around is fine.

“This is normal. It’s just part of the natural cycle. There’s no scientific consensus…”

We can’t leave our future in their hands. We need to take action. ✊

It’s no surprise that eco-anxiety is on the rise.

You, your friends, even the team here at Earth Fund, can only do so much as individuals to affect real change by making lifestyle choices, voting for politicians we think can make a difference, and hoping that things turn around.

But if we work together as a global community dedicated to a better tomorrow? That’s where we can really make a difference.

And that’s why we built Earth Fund, a decentralized organization dedicated to taking the power and influence of the decision-making 1% and giving it back to you, the people.

Here’s how it works 👇

When it comes to fighting climate change, there are three things that we really need to take the power back from the 1% and start making a difference:

  1. A group of passionate individuals dedicated to making the world a better place (that’s you)
  2. The tools and infrastructure to allow democratic, global collaboration on projects that can make the world a better place (that’s the DAO)
  3. A sizeable, community-owned treasury, dedicated solely to making the world a better place (that’s the foundation)

So that’s what we built.

Earth Fund: the DAO for people who want to save the planet 🌍

Imagine what a difference it would make if COP26 was filled not with self-serving politicians or businesses there to greenwash their image, but a group of passionate individuals that really want to change the world.

Imagine if to have the power to bring about real change, you didn’t need to have an enormous bank account or run corporate-backed election campaigns or inherit huge amounts of wealth, you just needed to buy a 1Earth token, join a community and vote on how we should be tackling the biggest issue of our lifetimes.

More succinctly, imagine what would happen if we made the fight against climate change completely democratic and governed by ordinary people.

That’s what Earth Fund is. A global DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) that gives everybody a voice in how we save the planet.

Building the tools for positive change 🤝

Before blockchain and Web3.0, a global community of people working together to fight climate change would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible.

But DAOs have changed everything.

We now have the technology to facilitate genuine global collaboration and coordination to fight climate change.

In fact, as soon as you buy 1Earth and join the Earth Fund DAO, you’ll be able to:

🌍 Discuss and have a say on everything
🌍 Suggest projects for planet-saving Earth Fund grants
🌍 Join communities with budgets dedicated to funding climate projects you’re passionate about (including green tech, carbon capture, society and inequality and public health)
🌍 Vote on changes to the way Earth Fund operates
🌍 Decide how the treasury is used to save the world
🌍 Vote on everything Earth Fund does
🌍 Grow your reputation in the community

And because everything will happen on the blockchain, everything will be completely democratic, incorruptible and transparent. (Unlike, say, some billionaire-run funds.)

Want to find out more? Read our whitepaper!

Growing a huge, planet-saving treasury 💰

Even with great coordination and a passionate community, countless movements have failed for one reason: lack of funds.

So, from Day 1, we’re setting Earth Fund up to have a treasury that can get planet-saving projects the money they need to make a difference.

And by joining the DAO, you’ll be able to vote on exactly how this treasury is used to make the world a better place.

Here’s how we’re growing the kind of treasury you need to really make a difference 👇

🌍 At launch, we’ll set aside 15% of all Earth Fund tokens (150,000,000 tokens) to make up the treasury.
🌍 We’ll also be allowing for crypto contributions to the Earth Fund Foundation (AKA, the treasury)
🌍 Any liquidity pool rewards Earth Fund earns will be sent straight to the treasury too

(In fact, the treasury has already been used to double the impact of Oco Crew and remove another 1.7M lbs of carbon from the atmosphere.)

TLDR: Earth Fund gives you the power to make a real difference 🙌

With COP26 and climate change dominating the news, we all hope that something BIG happens to change the path we’re on for good.

But hope is not a plan.

We need immediate, coordinated global action, not just pledges for the future.

That’s why we’ve decentralized the main idea of events like COP26, giving millions of people from around the world the ability, tools and treasury to figure out how to make the planet a better place, together.

If your house were on fire, you wouldn’t call a meeting to discuss next steps, complete with flow charts, photo opportunities, and lengthy speeches. You’d call the fire department, grab a bucket and start dousing it with water.

We’re using the blockchain to give you the power to fund Big Ideas and combat climate change, pollution, deforestation, and reverse all the other ways we’re screwing the planet over.

And it’s completely controlled by you, the Earth Fund community.

Not politicians, billionaires or big corporations. Just a global community of ordinary people like you.

This planet we live on — our home — is quite literally on fire. Grab a bucket. Join us 👇

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