Earth, Today

Earth Day turns 43. Thoughts on the state of the planet.

Ferns, an Earth Day Story

Out in the woods one day, legs tired from a day of walking and my shoulders sore from a badly packed backpack, I met Erich. I don’t even know if that was his real…

Wrecking Our Only Home

Thoughts on PM2.5 and What it Symbolizes

Looking outside my window as the train speeds by the Chinese countryside at over 300km/h, I am awed…


I have come to believe that there is a false choice represented in the debate around climate change these days. On the one hand, we are told, we may choose environmental conservation and productive moderation. And on the other, we are told, we may choose social and ecological adaptation along with unfettered development. Either we keep carbon at bay and India…

Big Green Environmentalism’s Big Climate Failure

An interview with Naomi Klein in Earth Island Journal this week confirmed what I've been thinking for some time: The Big Green Groups in the environmental movement are almost as problematic as climate deniers. As Klein puts it:

I think there is a very a deep denialism in the environmental movement among the…

The Strange Immortality of Dmitry Itskov and His Avatars

Dmitry Itskov, a 32-year-old Russian multimillionaire, is working to create a perfect robotic replica of himself, an avatar…

Our 21st Century Hammer

A bid to simplicity, longevity and mass adoption.

As humans, we evolve. Continually observing, hypothesizing, experimenting and embracing…

The End of Durable

My friend Christen has a new blender. It's a replacement for the one that just broke, which was a replacement for the one that broke a couple years before that. Christen's…

If a Factory Falls in Bangladesh, Does It Make a Sound?

I remember hearing the story of a man who survived 9/11. He raced down the stairs of one of the towers and was in a mall in the…

Nuke the Whales, They Are Boring

Have you ever actually seen a whale? They are not really that great. Nobody is going to miss them. Plus they eat krill, which will be a valuable human foodstuff in the not too distant future. In other words, whales stand between us and avoiding starvation.

They must be gotten rid of.

CO2 on Trial


If things had worked as scientists expected, here is what would have happened after the first few IPCC reports came out.

How to ♲ Like a Boss

Reducing #1, reusing #2, and recycling #3 are the most effective things you can do in your day-to-day life to impact climate change.

Please Consider the Environment Before You Print This Humor Piece

Please consider the environment before you print this humor piece.

Is the Environmental Movement Dead? Or a Victim of Its Own Success?

The first Earth Day happened 43 years ago. That day 20 million Americans turned out to speak up for the environment. Today … not so much — even as we face an environmental threat in climate change that could irreversibly change life on Earth as we know it.

My Open Letter to the Planet.

Phrases like “save the planet” or “save the environment” don’t make much sense. The planet and the environment were here long before us, and will continue to be…

The Day Ann Coulter Wished Me “Happy Earth Day”

On Earth Day 2004, some friends and I went to a neighboring college campus to watch Ann Coulter give a talk. Well, rant. She’s more of a ranter, really. The stuff of hyperbole.

It was her usual schtick: liberals are assaulting America, climate change is a hoax, etc. etc.

This Is Real: Climate Change Not Only Hurts the Planet, It’s Already Hurting You

Today, as we celebrate Earth Day, we are faced with an important choice: will we let the big…

Is the California CO2 tax a sign we will kick the carbon habit?

The terminal illness is progressing. Will we change our habits and choose a treatment in time?

Earth, Today
Earth, Today

Earth Day turns 43. Thoughts on the state of the planet.

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